1. hei , this is not 1:1 of course, actualy they said " The Whole Earth! 1 Block=1 Nautical Mile! (442M)" so... roy x
  2. There you go, I put the map on dropbox : https://www.dropbox.com/s/1o3rqhl9awpvlmp/world5.zip harold
  3. Completely agree with this! Its all stupid theories in relation to modern games anyway! FatMat
  4. kek top
  5. Would read again 10/10
  6. Like WOW?  Replay for almost 9 years now.  12.99 a month.  Many a virgin kept that way because of this game.   Skyrim is #2 Guild wars 2 is #3 Starcraft 2 in there somewhere. Anarkimyst


Xbox1 Dashboard Leak Video

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DICE Quadruples Battlefield 3 servers on Consoles.

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Best of Steam Tags: Day 1

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[Interview] Outerra: A Playable Earth

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Valve producing a Dota 2 eSports documentary.

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