1. I don't believe you fully understand what's going on. 1) Years of corruption and mainstream gaming media calling gamers horrible 2) Smoking gun of corruption found, game journalists block any discussion and collaborate to call their customers scum 3) Constant attacks against consumers concerned about their products, lifestyle and community.  4) People attempting to push a radical political idea onto games and trying to attack the character of people who disagree. Alex
  2. I get how much gaming means to you and to your life. But I find it unbelievable that you can not see the damage that both sides are inflicting upon each other. People on both sides have received death threats...over opinions on video gaming? So someone can't voice an opinion without getting threatened? So you hate articles that some gaming journals wrote...why do gamers take them so personally? I read articles all of the time I don't agree with, that make me made, that are condescending. You don't start hate campaigns, you just do not patronize them any more.  I went to the Gamer Gate wiki to read all about corruption in gaming journalism, the issue that every GG is so concerned with...I thought it would be a lengthy entry, detailing systemic abuse over years. Aside from a few minor incidents, the article is flimsy and insubstantial. If corruption was the main problem, gaming companies would be getting rough treatment instead of female game developers and critics because they are the people who stand to gain by puffed up game reviews. But no one is attacking the companies that offer perks to journalists and exclusives, they are attacking individuals they disagree with. You know, I disagree with a whole helluva a lot of people, especially politically, but I don't send them hate messages or threaten their lives. GamerGate is not about ethics in journalism, it's about wounded pride. I thought gamers were stronger than this and disliking a few blog articles wouldn't cause them to go ballistic. They are more emotional and volatile than I ever knew.  Liz
  3. Thank you for sharing your stories. I have greatly enjoyed reading everyone stories through all this. It was especially good hearing your story LoPing as I have been I treated ever since the charity campaign you organised . Karalas
  4. Thanks for sharing my story, panda. And to Trent, I relate to a lot of your story as well with the parents and abusive relationship thing. Kyle
  5. This is something many gamers can atest to. Games have always been a form of escapism, entertainment and a way to bond with our friends. The encroachment of politicisation and yellow journalism is something we do not welcome. This is our hobby and damn those people who are out to split us apart. Cake
  6. It is not useful to compare the old and new video games. This is an absurd debate, I agree. T-shirt & Jeu video


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