1. World is about 11000 x 13500 blocks North in game is East in real life. So far to render, from overview, just about 1/20th of the map in mcdedit is using so far 6.3 Gigabytes. martelmungo
  2. 7 GB once converted using the minecraft launcher 1.12. It consumed about 18% of my cpu usage for an hour, and took 2.7GB of ram while doing it. So your client has to be allowed to use that much ram for the conversion. I also used a RAM drive to read and write the data. martelmungo
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  6. […] Jamal, I. (2013). Heavy Rain and Tetris: Ludology versus Narratology. Lo-Ping.com. Retrieved from: http://www.lo-ping.org/2013/04/27/heavy-rain-and-tetris-ludology-versus-narratology/ […] The Binary Rhapsody | Next Level