Why Call of Duty will never die, at least anytime soon

By itstheBNICSshow - Sun Aug 12, 1:00 pm

It appears that the gaming season of 2012 will bring me back to the dark side by buying Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Now before I get bashed for calling Call of Duty the dark side know this; I loved every Call of Duty game up until Modern Warfare 2. I thoroughly enjoyed the times where I would fake sick so I could stay home and play Call of Duty with my friends online or staying up until 5 in the morning living off Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Doritos because I simply did not want to stop killing noobs with my M16 and predator missiles. But then when Modern Warfare 2 came I just could not keep playing it. The quality I had experienced in earlier ones just was just not there anymore.

It seemed quite clear that the companies behind the newest Call of Duty games are just trying too hard to pump out a game every year. When it is finally released, it seems a near replica of the previously released game. This game has a campaign that consists of less than 10 hours of gameplay with an exceeding amount of shock and awe moments and a multiplayer experience that has no competitive mode where players would be based on skill as opposed to experience points. By this I mean that they do not have a level scale like Halo 2 and 3 had where you had to actually win games to level up and not put ridiculous hours in or kill 1000 enemies using a grenade launcher.

Besides all these facts of Call of Duty, I miss it greatly. Whenever a new one comes out, my friends list of Xbox Live is more active than any other time of the year. Multiple people are playing together and in party chat. I felt lonely going online to continue playing my Skyrim character and getting invites to play Modern Warfare 3 even though I did not own it and refused to buy it for that matter. It has been too long since I have played Call of Duty with my friends. And this is why the series will live on for many years to come. When you have such a large fan base that consistently plays your game online, others will always follow. And those gamers like me who feel left out after a while just want to belong in the Call of Duty circle again. Sometimes gamers just want to play as a team with their friends even if they don’t love the game that they are playing. Playing Team Deathmatch with 5 friends and chatting with them throughout the game is some of the best online gaming experience you can get today. Call of Duty remains the top dog in multiplayer experience that draws gamers from all around the world to put in an absolutely insane amount of hours into their game and there is no sign of that ever stopping.


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    It seemed quite obvious that the organizations behind the latest Contact of Responsibility activities are just trying too hard to push out a activity title every year. When it is lastly launched, it seems a near imitation of the formerly launched activity. The encounter has an offer that includes less than 10 time of game play with an going above amount of surprise and awe minutes and a multi-player encounter that has no aggressive method where gamers would be based on expertise in contrast to xp. By this I mean that they do not have a stage range like Mobile 2 and 3 had where you had to actually win activities to stage up and not put absurd time in or destroy 1000 opponents using a grenade launcher.

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