HUMOR: SWToR as Told by Episode III and /v/

By Lo-Ping - Fri Jan 20, 1:16 pm

We know it’s the internet.  We know that by it’s very nature, the internet is both a source of information and entertainment.  However, it’s not very often we encounter original content that derives fits of giggles from us while at the same time making very valid criticisms.  Case in point, this comic.  Made by the denizens of /v/, this comic uses screenshots from the climax of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith to tell the story of the current SWToR/Bioware/EA public relations fiasco that’s happened.

So, dim the lights and relax.  Our tale begins long ago with a developer far far away…

All credit goes to Anon, and no one else.


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  1. +5

    All of these biodrones… butthurt beyond repair.

  2. -11

    I don’t agree with a single thing here nor was it funny. I’ve not a single clue who /v/ or 4chan is but based on their poor grammar I think they should hit up elementary school before they voice opinions about a companies “issues”.

    1. +4

      >implying this is possessive
      >implying we’re the ones who need grammar school

  3. -6

    i’ve never fine the problem mentioned so far. The pve is the best pve right now. There are some problems with pvp but who cares after one month? 
    The made a really nice expansion and the universe of star war really feed good,  yes i know There are players that feel they are loosing theyr old toys and need to bark scared by swtor but now they are annoying

  4. +3

    So true!!!!! Bioware’s forum mods are absolute nazis it is ridiculous.  They lock ANY thread that is negative because there are so many people pissed off at just how broken and unfinished SWTOR is.  Definitely the biggest MMO upset I’ve ever seen in my 15 yrs playing online games.

  5. +3

    Fairly amusing. SWTOR has its flaws and some of them are pretty bad but it’s still fun to play.

    The “It’s working as intended” face is perfect. 😀

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    lol fucking funny

  7. +1

    Star Wars was such a disappointment, i mean i knew it was probably going to be fuckng garbage, but wow… it really turned out a lot worse then what i could imagine. Most of the bugs and terrain/texture fuck ups you wont even see in games that are 7 years old. And to think this rat shit game took like 10 years to make, LOLOLOL.

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    Dear John, You clearly are an EA/BW employee. Without the sense of humor either

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    Why is it that every single comment that is in even remote support of Bioware or The Old Republic gets massively down voted, no matter how well articulated it is? Most of these remarks acknowledge that the game has problems, but they enjoy playing it regardless. What’s the problem with that?

    OH NOES! SUM1 LEIKS SUMTHIN I DONT! *downvote RAGE!!!!!!*

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      Because /v/ is nothing but whiny assholes.

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    Bugs and missing features that I can tolerate, but Biowares billing system and customer support is by far the worst I have ever had the misfortune of having to deal with. It really baffles me how a big company like Bioware/EA expects to get away with such poor service…

  11. -3

    Whoa check these comments biodrones this far out of the bioware social network, comments on this article won’t get locked and banned and they might have to hear differing opinions so I’m quite shocked they leave their hug box.

  12. -17

    Bugs get fixed, the customer support may be bad but all this Q.Qing will make them improve it eventually. Instead of being bitches, just give it time, if not, go play WOW or KOTOR. (LET THE DOWNVOTES BEGIN)

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      Except they CAN’T fix it. PvP is permanently fucked up now since the shitty prototype game engine they insisted on using isn’t capable of rollbacks.

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      You know… that is exactly what Square/Enix die-hard fans thought about FFXIV too (but were later proven to simply have been suffering from chronic denial.) “Give it time. They’ll fix it. Bugs happen. Stop crying and suck it up for a while. I LOVE their past games and this property, well… it’s great!” And YEARS later what have they got? Who knows… I’m not sure even SE knows. But it’s sure not a very good game, especially when you consider the time and effort and $$$ that was poured into it… along with an elongated and largely ignored beta process. And all of it led to them eventually releasing a rubbish game. 

      These MMOs are completely reliant on the vast multitude of gamers out there and these gamers have expectations. Reasonable ones. You can’t simply dismiss them nor be shocked or upset at the outcry when you do. If a title is solid it will speak for itself and any “trolling” would be seen for what it was. The game would rise above it and prove those people as mindless rabble who simply love to complain. But MMOs are not a new niche in the world of gaming. There have been many lessons learned (the hard way) over the years. These kinds of shoddy executions and releases are simply indefensible. At this point it virtually has to be an intentional decision (though why anyone would do it escapes me.)

      In the end it’s the difference between someone designing & building an amazing new Mustang that will impress the new initiates to driving and the old hardcore fans who grew up driving them, or someone just slapping Mustang badge on a Prius (with duct tape) and saying “oh how clever… now we can hit the eco-market AND the die-hard Mustang fans at the same time!” Not a very good idea and the outcome would be as predictable as we’re seeing here. If the desire is not to make a superior game but simply to “hit a demo” or “get subscriptions” than you’re going to get exactly crap. This is not rocket science – it’s reality.

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      Actually no one thought that about FFXIV.
      You know what people DID bitch nonstop about? WoW. EQ2 fanboys said the same shit about WoW.

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      Really bugs fixed now we want the best customer support. we have to go play wow. please help

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      Nice Graphics and bugs fixed. please increase customer support

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    To each their own I suppose, but for the most part, for me, this comic pretty much nailed it. Yes, the game is only a month old and there are bound to be issues, but my biggest problem is the customer support. I don’t think I’ve seen support as terrible as this game has in a long while. I can’t even say how many tickets I’ve opened with problems/suggestions that I can almost guarantee are completely ignored. Not even so much as a “hey, we read your ticket, We’re sorry you’re having this issue, we’ll work to fix it as soon as we can”. Nothing. As to comparing it to wow, sure wow had problems for a while when it released, but it was really the first game of it’s kind to release and be as popular as it was. How many MMOs are out there now? A countless amount. This isn’t there first game, it shouldn’t be as bad. Again, I’m more so implying towards the customer support as it’s absolutely horrendous.

  14. -10

    The only people who would read this whole thing are those who agree with what was said from the beginning.  This is why all the I like SWTOR comments are down voted.  SWTOR is fun. Don’t like it, don’t play it.  Vanilla SWTOR > Vanilla WoW and will only improve.  

    1. -2

      no, this is in no way better than vanilla wow. it might be better than launch wow but on the aq40 patch or the nax/pre nax patch with the good pvp system in it was much better than SWTOR.

      the game is not that great, the story is good but the end game is worthless as they keep trying to make it longer to get geared (gear checks, ilum pvp quest, not fixing the glitches that break the hard modes, breaking the pcp rewards with some not counting on leaving the pvp instance) than adding in a reasonable amount of content or difficulty,

      other than the game being on a worthless engine like ut3 it could have been a series of great rpgs with multiplayer but i dont think that it works as an MMO and with d3 and gw2 coming out this year it wont last long unless it gets allot of free content and patches or if it gets cheaper to subscribe to but not free to play as it wont be profitable since no end game or it would have to micro transaction for lvls and those dont fly in the west.

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      I never played vanilla WoW but I sure as hell love it now. I don’t play SWTOR, but I think it looks pretty awesome.

    3. +1

      Yeah, but Vanilla WoW was launched in 2005, not 2011.

    4. +1

      You’re dealing with 4chan kids. Who have been proven to be just as bad, if not worse than those they criticize. For people who preach free speech, they sure are quick to shut down opposing opinions and troll those they are offended by.

      These are the same crybabies who raid Metacritic, whenever a game comes out, that they think should fail.

  15. -22

    As I can tell whoever made this probably just reads forums and has never even played SWTOR.

  16. +6

    ToR, and Bioware’s mishandling of it’s numerous problems in a nutshell. Well played, OP.

  17. +2


    1. +1

      The hole isn’t even that large! No way it could cause us to sink!

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    Fucking beautiful

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    This is the older unedited version with tons of spelling mistakes, not the updated one, good job.

  20. -7

    games been out for a freaking month, games have bugs, companies get ambitious.  Compared to how other mmos were during their first month INCLUDING WOW.  Swtor is doing just fine.  Will it beat wow? probably not, wow will have to kill itself…which it may be doing slowly.  Who’s to say yet.  BEEN A MONTH PEOPLE.

    Its shit like this that causes new mmos to have no chance.  People are far too impatient to give a game a solid year to improve and grow, they would rather just go back to WoW thats been around for 6+ years now and is already(for the most part) polished because of it.

    Has Bioware made some bad decisions in terms of their customer support?  Yes, no denying that.  But we have to give them a chance.  Only a month in to the release is not the chance a MMO needs.  MMOs go under constant fixes and balancing issues, WoW is still going at it today all these years later. 

    All the crap we are seeing with Illum etc right now, all happened in WoW with Wintergrasp and TB until patches came later down the line.  Hell WoW didn’t even launch with any PvP at all.

    1. -2

      Being new is not an excuse to have a buggy game, terrible custom support and the whole other bucket of problems that this game came out of the box with.

    2. +2

      Over five years in development.  Somewhere between 100 and 300 million dollars spent on this game.

      Pretend for the sake of argument that this was ANY IP besides StarWars.  Pretend it’s a typical high-fantasy MMORPG by X-company.  Do you honestly believe that given the GENEROUS amounts of time and money spent on the game, the quality was acceptable to have been released at the time?  Not GREAT, not GOOD, but ACCEPTABLE?  That the game’s quality on being released reflected said time and effort?  No.  And asking people to sink MORE money into this by essentially paying to beta-test the game and sink MORE time into it via post-release fixes of HORRIBLY BASIC features that’d be commonplace for any other game?  No.  It’s not acceptable.  It’s never should have been acceptable.  People need to get legitimately mad and upset that EA tried to pull this on them, and then whine about how it’s the fan’s fault and ignore the NUMEROUS bug reports that they had during the year-long beta.

      It’s almost like they’ve withdrawn features that’s part of the norm, only to reintroduce it later down the line to give the appearance that they’re actually doing anything.

    3. +2

      On that note, when did basic consumer rights and protections become “entitlements”?  Why does it suddenly become the consumer’s fault for complaining when a company releases a faulty product?

    4. 0

      No 4chan hates it, it’s bad forever.

  21. +7

    Fucking genius.

    Nice try EA, but at the end of the day this is the fate that awaits those whom challenge the reigning king with paper swords. And then get banned from the army when they point out how fucking dumb you are for issuing paper swords.

    SWTOR fanboys, attack!

  22. -21

    This was agonising to read. Learn English. I dare any one of you to tell me that there wasn’t a single mistake in there, let alone the ones that were written by a 6 year old.

    Also, invest in a thesaurus.

    1. -1

      Spoken like a true Bioware drone or Bioware employee who reviewed their own games (Dragon Age 2) trying to damage control everywhere on the net.

    2. +4

      I’ve got a BA in English, and it didn’t bother me.  Grow the f$#k up.

  23. 0


  24. +4

    This.. is … amazing. Thankyou.

  25. +4

    People who like the game are forcing themselves to like it or are just blind to the issues. A fool sees what he wants to: the best MMO ever made that is entirely original and filled with new, exciting mechanics. The realist on the other hand sees what is there: a semi WoW-clone with bugs galore and an awful combat animation system. Saying “the game is only a month old” is a pitiful excuse with all the lessons from the failed MMOs that attempted to compete with WoW and lessons from WoW’s success. To compare TOR’s release to WoW’s is just ridiculous, it’s a completely different era for MMOs. Bioware should have done a better job, there’s no excuse for the issues that are in the game right now.

  26. -33

    So this would be your idea of news? I guess it says a lot on the quality of the reporting on this site. Some gaming sites know the meaning of professionalism, some others just try (and fail) to imitate Kotaku. this one just demonstrated to be part of the second group, and as such is a good candidate for the bin. 

    By the way, looking at the servers today, it seems that the game is plenty fine. Oops.

    1. +1

      you sound buttfrustrated

    2. 0

      Why did we choose to raise this broken child. You were right, I should have had the abortion when we found out he would be born retarded.

  27. -24

    As a SWTOR player and a forum reader, I’ve seen nothing but great things from Bioware in regards to the community. The only time I’ve ever seen forums closed are when they drop into flame wars. 90% of the players that complain don’t offer any alternative, they just don’t like the way a feature works so they think it should be different. They don’t like the way PVP works so think it should be different, and 40 pages later in the forums you have about 20 people arguing, half that they like the way it works versus people who want it to clone WOW or Rift or Aeon or whatever.

    I do see people who report legitimate bugs (Taris screaming their computers to halt, people not getting proper rewards, quests broken and not able to be completed, etc) post and have people like Stephen Reid say its been reported and the development team is working on it. The game has been out for 1 month today and has lots of people who are enjoying it and a vocal crowd who wouldn’t be happy no matter what was said.

    I think Bioware is doing great with it so far, I’m enjoying the fact that its not geared towards only the hardcore basement dweller like most MMOs are these days. And like any other game, if you don’t like it stop playing. Oh and I liked DA2. It was different from DA1, but if it had been the same everyone would have blasted it for having no originality. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I think it was a pretty fun game, whether it was better than the first or not I haven’t decided, it was enough different that I think it stands very well on its own merits.

    I’m glad Bioware thinks things through before they blindly follow suggestions of every moron who thinks they know what it takes to develop a great game. And if you’re getting suggestions from 4chan, that probably entails tentacles and japanese schoolgirls.

    1. -5

      Agreed John.

       I have definitely enjoyed playing SWTOR thus far. It has bugs, and I won’t try denying that, but what game doesn’t? Even the massive MMO king, World of Warcraft, had a very, very rocky start from the beginning. (

      I think BioWare has been doing a great job so far. There’s a lot of things that need fixing, but the game is only a month old. While I know that some of the perky Beta bugs are still in the current builds, I’m confident they’ll eventually be squashed. People are jumping to conclusions at how terrible of a job BioWare is doing. I really do think SWTOR has the potential to become something huge.

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