Richard Hammond's Tech Head: Pretty sweet.

By Lo-Ping - Fri Mar 04, 12:37 am

It’s a slow news day in the neighborhood so I’ve taken it upon myself to be the first to use the Tech section of the site.

For the un-initiated, Top Gear is one of the longest running and funniest car shows on air anywhere in the world, starting in England it’s now running spin-off versions of itself in Australia, japan, and most recently the US

Although even the US likes to pretend the original UK version is all that exists.

Each week three extremely flawed and funny men bring the sexiest of cars and the sharpest of wit to the screen with millions of BBC dollars behind the production to keep it afloat and knee-deep in interesting stuff.  The shortest of which is Richard Hammond, a plucky little guy from Birmingham that has survived rolling the Vampire Dragster at 300+ miles an hour.

He’s known in the UK for doing various other shows in addition to Top Gear ranging from Guy Fawkes to children’s science shows. Now you can enjoy his awesome voice and brand of humor in the new internet 20 episode miniseries starring him.

From the press releases I could find this is slated to run for 20 installments. And I’m quite excited for them, this is a cheap and fast way to make something mildly informative sprinkled with the trademark Hammond sense of humor (Don’t expect any straight answers to the fan questions)

If you’re interested in keeping up with Tech Head, join ┬átheir facebook group and enjoy. I’m enjoying it so far but at this point it kind of feels like i’ve dug up my old Bill Nye VHS tapes, very enjoyable but there’s this overtone of “You’re no the demographic this is shooting for.”

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