E3 2011: Halo CE: Anniversary and Halo 4 Announced

By Lo-Ping - Mon Jun 06, 2:36 pm

Tired of all the Call of Duty hype out there fellow members of the Seventh Column? Well isn’t that a coinky-dink, I’ve got two Halo trailers hot off the show floor!

During their conference earlier today, Microsoft announced the already-confirmed High Definition re-make version of the first Halo game, dubbed Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Halo CEA that will release on the tenth anniversary of the original launch date for Halo CE back on the Xbox One. In an interview with GTTV, Bungie alumni Frank O’Conner said that while the single-player campaign faithfully uses the original geometry placement of Halo 1 but with a graphics filter running on top of that to give it a new look (Side note: He said it was possible to turn the new skins off at the touch of a button, causing the game to revert back to it’s old look at the touch of a button.) the seven multiplayer maps are rendered in the Reach engine to deliver the smoothest transition between playing Reach and Anniversary possible. Six of the maps are conventional multiplayer maps, the seventh being a special map just for Halo’s answer to Nazi Zombies/Horde mode, Firefight.

Oh yeah, and a little game called “Halo 4” was announced, just thought you’d wanna know.

This short teaser was saved till last for the conference, whether that’s because MS is treating Halo like it treated Gears of Warwhen Halo 3 was coming out or because they felt the trailer would pack the most punch at the end is up to opinionated bloggers to debate.All that we do know is Halo 4 will continue John 117’s story from the end of Halo 3, it’s a new trilogy, it comes out in Fall 2012, the pistol apparently has a grenade launcher and some kind of silencer.

More details will be posted as they are announced.

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