Lo-Ping Podcast Episode 6: Tim gets interrupted a lot.

By Lo-Ping - Sat Mar 12, 9:54 am

Today Lo-Ping brings you a much-belated podcast! Since our hosts Comrade and Brian were indisposed at the time, this episode stars Ben, Tim, Robert, Gavin, and a few words from Victoria.

We discuss topics ranging from journalistic integrity to Canada. It’s a random episode folks. Hit the jump for awesome. 

And for those of you that want this handy bit of Panda-y goodness on the go, you can download the Mp3!

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    I was checking out those stats – hits and unique views are 2 very different things. I would go ahead and install google analytics to get a more "real" feel of not only the traffic, but sources, and specific keywords that bring people to the site.

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