New FortressCraft Trailer showcases multiplayer!

By Lo-Ping - Sat Mar 05, 7:23 pm

By: Gavin G

The little “Minecraft Clone” that could is getting closer and closer to completion. To show how far this game has come recently a brand new trailer showing off the multiplayer features. 

I’m quite excited for this and it’s really cool to see the multiplayer.  Even through the apparent lag these people were experiencing, this is the smoothest integration of avatars I have seen outside of a Microsoft-developed game.

The other thing that impresses me about FortressCraft is how DjArcas, the developer, just shrugs off the criticisms of hundreds of uninformed internet idiots and just keeps on coding and releasing juicy glimpses at the the game such as this one.

For the latest updates on FortressCraft, you can check and follow the official Twitter.

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