Feast Your Eyes on this Metal Gear Rising Leaked Trailer

By Lo-Ping - Sat Dec 10, 2:52 pm

ouchiesInformation regarding Hideo Kojima’s next installment for pretty-boy-turned-badass Raiden is soon to be announced at tonight’s VGAs…but why wait until then?

Grab your eyeballs and prepare for a visual “REVENGANCE” feast, as you watch our beloved cyborg ninja adopt the code of the samurai to tear through PMC soldiers who probably have family waiting for them back home. And keep your eyes/ears peeled for those subtle cameos Kojima’s undoubtedly going to drop.

Rising is to be developed by Platinum Games, made famous by the over-the-top action-heavy Bayonetta and Vanquish, and the Wii-exclusive gore-fest Madworld.

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