Resident Evil 5 Movie – On Set

By Karl D - Wed Nov 16, 2:38 am

Love it or hate it; these movies make a lot of money. It’s no surprise then to see Paul W S Anderson and wife Milla Jovovich returning for the 5th installment of the live-action Resident Evil series. A few images have surfaced from on set and we’ve got a first glimpse at a few new characters.

We have the Chinese spy with her own agenda, Ada Wong. The much beloved former RCPD rookie, Leon Kennedy. Last but not least is S.T.A.R.S member Barry “Jill Sandwich” Burton. (click to enlarge)

Oh, and Alice is back…

There is a rumour going around that Michelle Rodriguez will be making a return in some form or another, despite having her brains splattered all over the train wall in the first movie. It’ll likely be a flashback, though, knowing these movies there’ll be some ridiculous clone plot but let’s not expect the worst possible outcome just yet.

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