By Lo-Ping - Mon Apr 11, 3:36 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is upon us.  PlayStation Move?  Kinect?  Child’s play; toys of the past.  We’ve finally stumbled upon the potential new way to play your games: Telepathy.

According to a recent BBC report, a new form of detecting brain electrical output known as electrocorticography has been refined to accommodate users to be able to move cursors onscreen not only through their own thoughts on the motion itself, but through minor speech cues as well.  Unlike it’s predecessor electroencephalography (EEG) which required the subject to wear a scull-cap which often had the signal muddled from outside sources, ECG uses a more…invasive method to detect signals.  Rather than having a scull-cap that reads surface signals from the subject’s scull, ECG taps into the brain’s cortex itself.  This helps to detect a more “pure” signal from the brain that isn’t muddled by outside forces.

In addition to spatial recognition, ECG is able to detect signals from the brain’s speech centers to add more subtle cues to motion.  Case in point: subjects were able to use thinking about the sounds “oo”, “ah”, “ee” and “eh”, had these signals recorded, and could use these “brain sounds” to move a cursor onscreen.

Take THAT, Minority Report.


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    So it's basically a useless, miniature cerebro?

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