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Resident Evil 5 Movie – On Set

Love it or hate it; these movies make a lot of money. It’s no surprise then to see Paul W S Anderson and wife Milla Jovovich returning for the 5th installment of the live-action Resident Evil series. A few images have surfaced from on set and we’ve got a first glimpse at a few new characters.

We have the Chinese spy with her own agenda, Ada Wong. The much beloved former RCPD rookie, Leon Kennedy.┬áLast but not least is S.T.A.R.S member Barry “Jill Sandwich” Burton. (click to enlarge)





Oh, and Alice is back…

There is a rumour going around that Michelle Rodriguez will be making a return in some form or another, despite having her brains splattered all over the train wall in the first movie. It’ll likely be a flashback, though, knowing these movies there’ll be some ridiculous clone plot but let’s not expect the worst possible outcome just yet.