Listen to Your Supreme Court Justices Make This Guy Sweat About Videogames

By Lo-Ping - Tue Jun 28, 2:47 pm

The Supreme Court recently ruled that the California violent videogames law was indeed unconstitutional.  A step in the right direction for videogames to be treated in the eyes of the law as an equal to film and televison, yes.  But how exactly did the proceedings go?

For the uninitiated, Supreme Court hearings are the hottest of the hotseats, where the Justices will relentlessly grill your stance on the constitutionality of the issue you’re representing.  In this case, Zachary Morazzini was asked to state his case why the California videogames ban was NOT unconstitutional.  If you listen carefully at around the one minute mark, you can hear Attorney General Morazzini’s Law degree crying.

To be fair, both representatives were questioned just as rigorously on the issue.  So making light of Morazzini’s plight may seem a bit unfair.  But a lot of things in life are unfair, so let’s just revel in his awkwardness for now.


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    I like Kagan…and Scalia XD

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    This debate is notthing but a bunch of parents that are too lazy to stop their own kids

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    these people trying to bring down violence games do not know they are threatening the gaming industry:/

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    this is glorious

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