L.A Noire: The Naked City PS3 DLC Twitter contest!

By Karl D - Sat Jun 04, 10:37 am

Enjoy L.A Noire did you? Finish it already? Sad that you can’t bust any more perps in true 1940’s due dilligence style (e.g shooting a purse snatcher just ‘cus)

Lo-Ping’s got you covered, we’re giving away a DLC code to download “The Naked City” case for the PS3 version of L.A Noire! Whether you bought the game used, simply picked it up from a mom and pop store without pre-order programs, or kept your copy that came from Gamefly, you now have a shot at playing another case.

“How might I go about getting a shot at this free coolness?” you might be asking yourselves. Simple! Just head on over to twitter and follow the official Lo-Ping account @GamingandPandas and retweet the official Contest Post.

Like the post says, the contest ends June 7th. Good luck!

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    since your twitter was recently taken down can you post on this website who won… please

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