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L.A Noire: The Naked City PS3 DLC Twitter contest!

Enjoy L.A Noire did you? Finish it already? Sad that you can’t bust any more perps in true 1940’s due dilligence style (e.g shooting a purse snatcher just ‘cus)

Lo-Ping’s got you covered, we’re giving away a DLC code to download “The Naked City” case for the PS3 version of L.A Noire! Whether you bought the game used, simply picked it up from a mom and pop store without pre-order programs, or kept your copy that came from Gamefly, you now have a shot at playing another case.

“How might I go about getting a shot at this free coolness?” you might be asking yourselves. Simple! Just head on over to twitter and follow the official Lo-Ping account @GamingandPandas [1] and retweet the official Contest Post [2].

Like the post says, the contest ends June 7th. Good luck!