Minecraft Receives 151 New Friends

By Karl D - Tue Aug 23, 8:32 am

The mod community can be pretty damn cool at times, they’ve given us fully updated graphics for the original Deus Ex, they’ve taken Half Life and created one of the most successful multiplayer mods of all time and they’ve created entirely new weapons for our inventory in The Elder Scrolls. Here’s one more pretty damn cool thing to add to the list.

MinecraftForum user SeaGoingManatee is hard at work bringing his vision to reality, a Minecraft world inhabited by Pokemon. As you will see in the video, there are several different Pokemon to capture, train and take care of as well as items such as Pokeballs, the Pokedex and Rare Candy.

SeaGoingManatee hopes to add Multiplayer modes in the near future as well as a Team Rocket mob, a battle system and many others.

You can read more about the mod and download it from the MinecraftForum page here

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