Here’s Your Live-Blog of Sony’s TGS 2011 Conference

By Lo-Ping - Tue Sep 13, 10:58 pm

With the Sony conference minutes away, keep your eyes peeled here to see what’s coming from fabulous JAPANLAND from TGS.  At the end, we’ll selectively pick and choose from our ramblings on here to give you a wonderfully condensed version at the bottom.  So scroll down there if you’re so inclined.

  • Off to a rocky start, the show started slightly late.  Forgivable.
  • They refer to Gamescom and the VITA announcement at the 2011 PlayStation meet.  Claim on focusing on Japanese market.
  • Andrew House talks about joining Sony after taking the stage.
    • Gives a few happy figures about the PS3 sales as of June with 51 million units shipped.
    • New colors for the PS3 for the Japanese market.  Well gosh… :c
    • 71 million PSP units shipped
  • A nod to the PSN issues Sony had earlier this year.  Says raised Sony’s awareness of security issues.
  • Nice happy video featuring the PS Vita is shown on the screen.  Accompanies by a chippy tune.  Not bad.
    • Another PS Vita features what appears to be mini games tuned to a casual market featuring the touch features of the Vita.
  • Addresses price points for standard and 3G models.  Same as announced earlier.
    • Highlights 3G mobile network for Vita.  Talks JP carrier for Vita.  I fondly remember the audience reaction at E3 when ATT was announced as the US 3G carrier.
    • Japanese carrier plan is going to be a pre-paid model.  Fascinating stuff.  Includes gaming and messaging services.
  • Potential plans for Vita includes cloud networking, smartphone/tablet interfacing?
  • Looked at the clock.  Nearly thirty minutes in, and no mention of games.
  • More talk of networking the Vita with PS3 and potentially other devices.
  • A Vita is brought onstage, and the presenter has a camera hover over his shoulder to demo it
    • Having trouble turning it on, bro?
    • Lots of trouble, it seems…
  • Boot screen finally comes up
    • Flutes confirmed for Vita
    • Initial setup of Vita 3G network required.  Slick interface, has you turn virtual pages with the touchscreen.
  • Yet another presenter comes onstage to demo the Vita
    • Shows off your customizable standby screen; “peel” away the photo with the touchscreen to activate
    • Can also customize the home interface it seems
    • Home screen has music play in the background, shows off Spider Man trailer along with a music video
    • Opens multiple apps, has them run in the background
      • Apps can be closed by “peeling” them away
    • Like this

  • Has an app that allows Vita users to communicate with other Vita users
  • Data can be extracted from a PS3/PC and manipulated on the Vita
  • Accents social network exploits on Vita; Skype, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter
    • *cough* still no games *cough*
    • Tweeting and Facebooking can be done DURING gameplay.  Neat…
  • Another rep arrives onstage, summarized everything so far.
    • A who’s who of developers working on the Vita is presented on screen
  • Bobby Lee of MadTv fame takes the stage.
    • Oh…it’s Ono from Capcom.  My mistake.
    • Ultimate Marvel v. Capcom 3 featured.  Dig it.
      • Will mirror PS3 experience
      • Will run at 60 Frames-Per-Second.  Well alright!
      • You…can use the touchpad?  Well…alright…

I honestly don’t know what this diagram is saying…

Seven Vitas can power a PS3?



Oh man…I don’t even know what the fuck is going on now…

  • Is that…a cat beating the shit out of Ryu?
    • It is…oh man…
    • Aaand he exits stage right.  Bye Bobby Lee!
  • Square Enix takes the stage, let’s see what they have to say.
    • Lord of the Apocalypse announced
      • Action/RPG for Vita
    • Next title…Army Hell Corps?
    • Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available in December at Vita’s launch in Japan
    • Special Announcement: 10th Anniversary announcement..
      • To Zamarkand plays…aw man is this…?
  • Konami’s turn now.  Let’s see what they’ve got.
    • Oh hi there, Hideo Kojima!  What’s up?
    • Talk of the Peacewalker HD release, as well as transferring data from PS3 and PSP for saves
    • More talk of the HD releases of MGS
    • 2012 release dates for both, says one more announcement
    • New game for FOX engine KP has been producing.  More news to come…
  • Kojima leaves the stage.  Host summarizes so far.
  • Sony Japan Studios rep takes stage
    • Golf game featuring online capabilities for multiplayer, etc
    • Gameplay snippets of BadMan plays on screen. Cute…
    • “Friend Network” pops up on screen
    • Short clip of a communal space ala Home, but REALLY boiled down?
  • New rep takes the stage with an uncomfortably long handshake…
    • NicoNico Douga is developed for (probably) Japan Vita market
      • Apparently, you can do a LIVE broadcast via Nicovideo while playing the games.  Viewers can then type in feedback via Nicovideo and show on Vita.
  • And he’s gone.  Title announcements:
  • 26 launch titles:



  • That’s pretty neat, no?
  • 100 total launch-window titles
  • Wrap up of previous announcements
  • Pre-ordering (for Japan?) begins October 15th.
  • Looks like they’re wrapping up now…
  • Sony will work hard for Vita support
    • “Many thanks for PlayStation fans”
  • Aaaand…that’s it.

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    Interesting suggestions – I Appreciate the analysis ! Does anyone know where I could get access to a blank a form copy to type on ?

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