Crysis 2 Makes PC Gamers Sad :(

By Lo-Ping - Tue Mar 01, 8:27 pm

The demo for Crysis 2 from EA developer Crytek seems to have a few low-points according to at least one PC gamer.  Suffice it to say that the majority opinion from more “serious” PC enthusiasts is that the game has been significantly “watered down” for console gamers.  Hit the jump for the video.

What are your thoughts?


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    The overall look is acceptable, sure the textures arent PC Standard or set new records, but that is nothing new for the pc gamer. Dont expect any Metro 2033 Clone, its just anthoer "flashy" game nothing to write about it.

    At least, they try it right ? I mean look at bulletstorm, ue3 and it look shabby, the gameplay is retarded and the story like the mechanics are booring, so yes after Metro 2033 i believe Crysis 2 can be A NICE NEW Addition to the EGO Shooter Genre, alot better than any wannbe-new-way-of-kill-fart-and-swear-barometer-ego-game out there-clone…and most important : no World War 1/2-3-4/afghasitan, irak etc…etc.. background!!!


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    Can't believe they didn't even mention the graphical settings.


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    bulletstorm pulled this too, and they wonder why people pirate these games…

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    This video made me weep.

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    on consoles it did better overall crysis 2 was doomed when they said they were gonna do it for consoles aswell they spent more time trying to make it console friendly im sure as long as it doesnt have a tresspasser momment for the PC version it'll be fixed

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    Played it earlier (PC version)

    If that's the definitive version I don't even wanna see what it's like on consoles

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