First Official Modern Warfare 3 trailer released

By Lo-Ping - Fri May 13, 7:46 pm

Even though it was more obvious than the Sun setting in the West, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was given its official unveiling today via Youtube, the trailer teases with very little other than a few American/Russian voices, New York City and a fancy new logo but what’s even more interesting is that there hasn’t been any mention of who is developing the game, only Activision has been credited as the publisher in this trailer and after everything that happened last year with a lot of staff quitting Infinity Ward, it’s worrying to think of anyone else taking the helm of this massive franchise.

It has been rumoured that Sledgehammer Games will work in collaberation with Raven Software to create this title, we should have these rumours cleared up at E3 in less than four weeks time but for now we can all speculate on whether or not this franchise will continue to rise as the defining FPS series or will the graphical prowess of Battlefield 3 be enough for people to wave the killstreaks goodbye?

UPDATE: Two teasers in one day? It’s more likely than you think! It looks like Russia is invading both America AND Britain.

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