Studio Ghibli’s Debut RPG Gets a PS3 Trailer

By James E. - Mon Sep 05, 1:26 pm


Ni no Kuni, the RPG  co-developed by Level 5 and legendary anime production company Studio Ghibli, looks fantastic. The game has already been released on the DS in Japan late last year, quickly becoming one of the fastest selling games in Japanese history. It stands to reason then,  that the PS3 version, subtitled “The Queen of White Sacred Ash” would look even more fantastic. Level-5 released a roughly minute and a half long trailer on their YouTube account today,  confirming what most of us already knew was the case: this game is eye-meltingly beautiful.

No word on a US release yet, but Ni no Kuni: The Queen of White Sacred Ash is scheduled for release in Japan by the end of the year. Check out the trailer above, and don’t be too attached to having eyes.



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