Valve Hints at Possible Half Life 3/Episode 3?

By Lo-Ping - Thu Apr 14, 12:43 pm

Consider the following: Through carefully placed hints and tips, as well as some clever marketing and masking on their part, Valve teases that Episode 3 or possibly Half Life 3 may be upcoming.  Through some clever sleuthing, denizens of the internet have drawn a link between the hazy “hacked” Portal 2 information and drawn a handful of conclusions.

Via internet sleuthing with Valve’s latest ARG, we present the following.

Exhibit A: The mysterious outline

Through the use of some creative masking, these internet sleuths managed to create an image from this assortment of data.  The result is seen below.

Exhibit B: The Borealis

Alright, so they manage to make an image out of it.  Big whoop, it’s still a bit of a stretch.

That is until…


What do you make of this?  Is this Valve hinting at a possible release of Episode 3 or…dare we dream…Half Life 3?  Or is this merely the masturbatory exertions of a drooling collective?

Take from this what you will.


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    I just want to say that we have moved to a new domain

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    Has a Oculus Quest, and can’t afford a Rift: Life is unfair.

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    the screen shot is from the canceled level from half-life 2

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    Best thing to do is go about your lives, have kids, retire, open up a small restaurant, and then hear about episode 3 when you're 65. And they'll probably release a screen shot after left 4 dead 7 is announced.

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    You fanboys make me laugh. You're arguing about graphics and which platform is better when you could get out of your parent's basement and get a life.

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    May I ask again:
    Where did the image from inside the ship come from?

    Is this from the lost coast or not?

    Thanks, m

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    I was at Norwescon, a Sci-Fi convention in the Seattle area a few weekends ago. A panelist there identified himself as a programmer for Valve who is "currently working" on the Half Life "Games". After the panel I cornered him and asked him if and when Gordon Freeman would be returning. He said if he told me he would have to kill me. However, he did say that the name of one of Portal 2's characters means "Freeman". You decide what that means…

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    I hope you guys realize all this is the product of one "Dougley," who was involved with the ARG for some time, until he was invited to go to Valve…

    Which he flat out refused. Then he proceeded to start spewing this garbage, completely unsanctioned by Valve, to troll the members of the ARG community.

    Why? Who knows? Spite of some kind? None of us who actually went to Valve know the answer. All we do know is that nothing he said after the point at which he was contacted should be taken as canon of any kind; in fact, it should be taken as quite the opposite.

    I would advise you guys take this down, or at least tag it as the trolling it is. I'm saddened by just how many people have not even bothered to question whether or not anything he said was actually true.

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    It doesn't matter whether its true or not the picture and or sly marketing has served its purpose to generate interest in Valve, Portal 2 and possibly a Half Life 3/Episode 3 game.

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    Where did the image from inside the ship come from?

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      The view from inside the ship is Half-Life 2 beta/ Half-Life 2 "The Lost Coast"

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      I hate to break it to you Gavin, but that is NOT from "The Lost Coast". I played "The Lost Coast" and trust me, that location is not there. The skybox isn't the same, either.

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    You guys forgot to mention the "/hyperborea" thing that the CONSOLE steam account said.

    16:49 – CONSOLE: —I don't know if this got out in time, but…
    Anyone who is in my account, do not open /hyperborea directory. It's not what you think it is. It uploads something to the mainframe and starts infecting most programs. No idea how it works, but it does.

    Hyperborea is the original name of the Borealis level/map in the Beta

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    I think it's too early to release Half Life Episode 3.

    in fact I want it to be released on 8th gen system.

    Half Life franchise is a GOTY claimer, Episode 3 needs to claim GOTY once again.
    So I don't want Episode 3 to be released 7th limited by some weak consoles system……xbox 360 and it's dvd:/

    Episode 3 should be released for 8th gen system, graphics would be beyond….

    1. +1

      No offence, but Half Life is a PC franchise and is in the hearts of many PC gamers so who cares which console gen it appears on…

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      Screw that 😛 just release it for the PC, and the graphics limitation is gone

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      And there would be a grapihcs limitation if it was released on consoles also? are you serious? last time i checked Valve was never affected by console "Limitations", PC elitists dont make any sense, although i would be purchasing HL3/EP3 on PC, theres absolutely no reason that consoles would be holding back the PC platform, that logic makes no sense…

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      Seriously? Why do you graphics whores care so much on graphics? God, you guys are just fucking wrong in the head. Its not graphics what made HL and HL2 got GOTY, its the gameplay. And why would you care? HL is PC Franchise.

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    Just watch for "SSI" on the right of picture. SSi – SSi Pride cargo ship

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    I'll just point out how freaking TINY the initial nugget of information Valve hid inside Portal 1's patch that teased Portal 2 last year, this is totally right up their alley.

    That and since I was informed Portal happens in the same universe as Half-Life, me and a friend that is a hardcore Half-Life fanboy have speculated that they would use Portal to flesh out the story of Freeman in some way, if not flat-out involve it in his story.

    Also, Comment sections are fun but nothing beats a good old-fashioned discussion, discuss this story on our official forum!

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      maybe ratman is gordon freeman! (no sarcasm)

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