Guild Wars 2 Cutting Content for DLC

By Lo-Ping - Wed May 04, 8:09 pm

The Lead Designer and Lore/Community Designer of MMO darling Guild Wars recently gave an interview with a Czech fan-site.  In it, they revealed a few gems about the game soon to be released.  Most disturbing piece: Content is deliberately being cut to be made as DLC.

When asked if players could visit Divinity’s Reach as a dungeon, Lead Designer Eric Flannum had this response:

When we first started creating our world, one of the things that was very important to us was creating a lot of areas for future expansion. We have a rough plan for what takes place in all of these areas so we can hint at them and include them in the lore. The catacombs below Divinity’s Reach are one of those places. You won’t be exploring them in the initial release, but you certainly will sometime in the future.

Given the nature of the quote, there’s room for debate as to whether this means literal DLC, or as a free download down the line.  That’s yet to be known.  Check out the full interview for yourself.


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    I think it's disingenuous to say GW2 is "cutting content" so that it can provide DLC later. They're not creating entire zones and then keeping them back: they're planning ahead and putting hooks into the world that can easily be mined.

    These are two wildly different things.

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    I think it's pretty obvious that they will be free updates further along the line like they've been doing with Guild Wars 1.

    PC games actually do that, free updates. Go back to your consoles.

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