Feature Premier: Just the Beginning – Tin Star

By Lo-Ping - Fri Mar 09, 10:00 am

We’re expanding!  The fine folks here at Lo-Ping are currently going through come content shuffling.  Guess what that means?  You get original content like the lucky dogs you are.  As we speak, our editorial staff is coming up with their own pet projects to bring you content while hunkering down in the Creative Productions Lounge!

Artist's Representation


The first fruits of their labor:  Just the Beginning.  A playthrough of the introductory sequences of game titles both new and old.  The intention is to offer just a taste of what flavor these games have to offer.  Past, present, console, or PC.  We’ll be unabashed in our analysis and presentation.  And, for you purists, commentary-free versions will be available as well.

So, without further ado, enjoy your content.

Commentary-free version here.

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