Leaked Tomb Raider Footage

By Karl D - Sat Jan 28, 10:04 am

We’ve just got our hands on some footage of the latest Tomb Raider game, check it out and enjoy.

Word of warning, the video opens with a cutscene and some guy gets killed, we don’t know who he is but if you want to skip straight to the gameplay you should start the video at about 1:52.


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    i have done a bit of looking at this game and this really looks like a re-amp on the series that might be pretty awesome. the trailer almost gave me a kind of uncarted feel with a bit more mystery with it. so for those that are unfamilliar with the series this might be the point to jump on the band wagon. and for those the have always loved a gun toting big busty girl named lara croft i still think we will enjoy what has became of the series with this.

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