GTA V Rumors, Bully 2 Already In Development?

By Ravioli - Thu Mar 22, 8:06 am

A person claiming to be a Rockstar employee was kind of enough to offer some information about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V on a certain anonymous message board, along with a possible confirmation of the long sought after sequel to Rockstar Vancouver’s “Bully”.

We are sure you are eager to hear all these juicy rumors, so let us start with the games main character. The main character is of course the one talking in the trailer. He is the suited man leading the robbery, driving the blue and black car. Unlike Nico Bellic, the protagonist is not a loner this time around. The protagonist is a local to Los Santos. He lived there back in the late 80’s and then later moved to Liberty City in ’92. Because of this, he has more connections than Nico Bellic did when he first arrived to Liberty City. For what reason did he return to Los Santos? The source simply answered with “I guess it was the weather…”

Also unlike Nico Bellic, the Protagonist has his own family. And yes, you can apparently also cheat on your wife by dating other women from online dating services or by picking up hookers.

While not much was revealed about the games main story since the script is not completely finished yet, we have been told that some ideas are inspired by the old spy thrillers we all know and love from the 70’s.

Money will be playing a much more important role this time around, and not just story-line wise. Rockstar North wants to show how one can go from a comfortable living environment to a homeless one if you have messed up a couple of deals or did not take any risks. This is meant to be a reflection on the current economic situation and how things can get very bad economically if you are not careful with your investments.

The game’s setting, as we already know, is Southern California. San Fierro/Las Venturas won’t be included; however, a version of San Diego and the Mexican border towns are. These Mexican towns will play a pivotal role in the drug dealing aspects of the game. Compared to its earlier entries in the series, drug dealing will play a rather large role this time around. Of course, some of these Mexican towns are your main source of drugs.

Gameplay-wise the controls have been vastly improved since GTA IV. With improved physics and tweaked driving mechanics, driving in general feels much less threatening and is easier to get used to than GTA IV. However, the handling itself will be refined and tweaked. Cars feel heavier and there is a much stronger sense of danger when driving at higher speeds. The goal is for it to not be too easy to drive, but also not too hard.

Traffic in Los Santos is intentionally bad in reflection to Los Angeles’ infamous bad traffic. These are things that make LA what it is, and Rockstar North really wants to emulate LA with Los Santos. Different times will have different traffic densities.

There are also of course new means of travelling. You can now hitch a ride on the bus or go ahead and find a horse to ride around in Los Santos. Horses aren’t as maneuverable as they were in Red Dead Redemption, but there certainly are ways to have fun on horseback. How does firing rockets all over the place while riding a horse sound?

Other than new driving mechanics and new ways of transportation, hand to hand combat has received huge improvements. With impressively realistic animations, it apparently puts games like Fight Night to shame. They have achieved this thanks to melding the Euphoria engine with the scripted animation set.

There is a wider variety of weapons this time around and, for the first time in the series, you will be able to customize them. If you take a closer look in the trailer, you will be able to see masked men wielding assault rifles with silencers.

The protagonist will also physically change depending on how you play. If you go to a gym to do some body building, the protagonist will gain some noticeable muscle. If you ignore exercising and eat a lot at fast food restaurants, you will get noticeably fatter as you eat. There is also a wider variety of clothing options this time around to choose from. Oh right, what would body building be without good ol’ Brucie from GTA IV? He is apparently making a return in this game. Possibly more hooked on steroids than ever.

There are more interiors than ever in GTA V. You can now enter many of the buildings you see around Los Santos, mainly because there are a variety of properties that you can buy. There is also a shopping mall with interactive stores (which you can also vandalize for your own amusement) along with a casino or two.

Fight clubs also make a return and for the first time, you can manage your own fight clubs for people to take part in.

The multiplayer aspect of the game will be bigger than what it was in GTA IV. With a doubled player count more game modes, and a larger world than ever, multiplayer will be fully realized. Unfortunately, further information about the multiplayer was not provided.

The game’s release date is largely dependent on just how well Max Payne 3 sells. If it sells below expectations, we are likely to see an October release for GTA V, even though Rockstar North would rather not release is so early. If Max Payne 3 does meet expectations, we can expect a May 2013 release for the console version of the game, with a PC release planned a few months later.

In addition to the GTA V rumors, Bully 2 is apparently already in early development. Planning for the game had actually started ages ago, however it was temporarily put on hold because of Max Payne 3. Upon completion and release of Max Payne 3, Rockstar Vancouver will resume development for Bully 2. Not much else was mentioned about Bully 2.

But remember that these are rumors, so take them with a MOUNTAIN of salt.



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    PLEASE PLEASE make a bully 2!!!! I loved it!!

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    Rockstar is usually pretty reliable on making sequels. The only reason it takes so long to make new releases  is because they work on multiple games at a time.

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    Screw this mountain of salt, they better make Bully 2 or I am finished with Rockstar… or maybe sometimes I’ll play their old GTA’s but there’s no way I’ll buy new stuff… unless it’s super awesome

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    main gta sekolah

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    GTA V will be multiplayer ???
    I found a gameplay video and it seems to be multiplaying… :

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    I came for Bully 2 XD

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      Me too. 😀

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    Brucie is back!!!

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    how do you know?

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      bitch made fag

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