Earth Mapped to Minecraft…TO SCALE [UPDATED]

By Lo-Ping - Sun May 29, 1:00 am

Sweet mother of God, it’s the autist motherlode!  The industrial folks over at have collaborated to create the ultimate experience in exploratory MineCraft.  After downloading the map, players can explore a fully playable 1:1 Planet Earth that includes cities, rivers, and caves, along with the appropriate biomes and ore-dumps.

The creators described it as follows:

“The world is fully playable (includes ores, trees, etc). Elevation has been scaled to fit the constraints of a Minecraft world. Sea level was adjusted to 40 blocks which puts Mt. Everest at 121 blocks high. The Earth was generated with various images from NASA (including landmass, satellite, elevation, and vegetation maps) using a custom python script incorporating codewarrior’s pymclevel python library.”

You can download the map here  HERE, but be warned: The file is a 450MB file, that uncompresses to 3.5GB.  At the time of the writing, the server hosting the files were overloaded and we were told it would take up to 10 hours do download.




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    7 GB once converted using the minecraft launcher 1.12. It consumed about 18% of my cpu usage for an hour, and took 2.7GB of ram while doing it. So your client has to be allowed to use that much ram for the conversion.

    I also used a RAM drive to read and write the data.

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      World is about 11000 x 13500 blocks
      North in game is East in real life.
      So far to render, from overview, just about 1/20th of the map in mcdedit is using so far 6.3 Gigabytes.

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    There you go, I put the map on dropbox :

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    This is cool, but I’ve been experimenting with real world heightmapping and importing to MC.

    I have online a Virtual UTAH.. with all the canyons, cliffs and mountains.. there are towns that MC put up in the mountains.. and it is sooo beautiful.


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    This is NOT 1:1! 1:1 scale would be ~1.5 petabytes, not 450 megabytes.

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      hei , this is not 1:1 of course, actualy they said ” The Whole Earth! 1 Block=1 Nautical Mile! (442M)” so…

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      WOW! You have fun making a 1:1 scale then dipshit

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    How do you download map If you know rite in comment

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    Can someone say on which coordinates is Poland?(Europe, next to Germany)

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      I mean specifically about Warsaw.

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      There are no coordinates. You must do your own Poland borders or what you want.

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    Berlin is about x= -3151 y= 48 z= -800

    london is about x=-3088 y=40 z=6

    and moscow is about x= -3345 z= -2255

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      I just found an ocean temple in the arctic ocean.

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    download doesn’t work

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    Can we get a re-do using the new 256 block world height?

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    oooh ooh ooh i wanna go to canada!

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    this map is hosted here –
    with realtime map overview on the webpage
    and. the map is 1 block = about 1 nautical mile

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    Everyone must know that this publisher is an idiot. No cities are added on, this whole thing is simply earth wihtout cities. The scale IS NOT 1:1. I found the great lakes and it was literally 2 blocks deep/4 blocks wide.

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      Dude, It’s smaller than the Earth. And of course he didn’t add cities, because this IS the original Earth, before man ever touched it…

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    can someone tell me what cities are included  in the map 
    i cant find mine

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    Now if it came an MMO form so I could interact with strange people.

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    this is realy cool,do who now where is poland

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    ok start is Vancouver, then i made a boat , took off into da see, and after 1h of sailing , i ran into some kind of a WALL with a water on a top of it , also there was few caves in the bot of that wall , filled with all sort of things , ofc i died there coz my boat killed me … ( aint the first time ) . Then i spawned somewhere into the HILLS in some kind of a desert , full with trees , and there was a snow on the top of those hills , like in the desert like WTF ?:S, um ye, there should be some kind of a HINTS to show where are we , what land are we on . its freaking anoying runing around , for 3 h , and then u just die and get teleported back to the old spot … But ye … 7/10 for the map , took alot of effort but ye HINTS HINTS HINTS !

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    it has taken like 3 hours to convert to anvil along time nut only like 30 mins to download

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    dammit i cant find any cities can put some coords down about where some cities are

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      dude this is just a map without cities just a replica of earth in minecraft no cities

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    can somebody make this a torrent?

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    Wow now i cant start up minecraft what did you do 😛

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    how do i travel from Vancouver to New York City

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    Im declaring NUCLEEAR WAR on Canada 

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    oh my……… Shit, I can’t use the SingleplayerCommands Mod???
    I have to set waypoints at the cities!
    THIS isn’t pretty cool….
    AND I was catched on the North-Atlantic by a creeper (why do they spawn on 3×6 sand-blocks??) …….

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    ok so i was in instanbul building a map when i got trapped under the ice and died and i spawnded near los angeles so then i tried to find my way back to instanbul by crossing the US all the way until i get to a big body of water and then as i sailed across the ocean i stumbled upon a huge random wall underneath a bigger wall of water that rose maybe 30 blocks high and this wall had a few caves already carved inside with random floating wooden arches and the caves were filled with railroads i do not know what it is and i would love for someone to tell me what the hell it is

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      Atlantis, duh!

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      They probably had a bug and included an abandoned mineshaft in there.

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    I’m gonna visit Mojang HQ!!! :DDDD

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    Pretty nice…

  27. 0

    Pretty nice…

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    I wonder if x:0 and z:0 coordinates correspond to the grand meridian and equator. I'm about to download it, but if it doesn't have this, it would be nice.

    1. -1

      Prime Meridian you moron

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    I downloaded this and spawned in the middle of the ocean. -.-
    eventually discovered what I thought was a smallish island, about 15-20 minutes of walking I'm still on it, just uninhabited grassy and mountainous areas with waterfalls, some lava in a corner and further on some beachy bits. With pigs, sheep and chickens. Noooo idea where I am. Help???

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    The real question is, which way did they orient the map? In MC, apparently the sun rises in the North (At least until 1.9 prerelease 4 came out, so we can assume 1.9 will have that fixed as well)

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      The clouds always move northward.

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    it sucks that you cant see everything… its kind of hard to know where it is, i hope i dont spawn in the middle of russia

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      Yeah, youd be fucked

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    The sun rising in the South and setting in the North is a little bizarre…

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    what do you do after you download it?

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    The map in the picture is distorted. Look how big Alaska is.

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      That looks about right to me. But I am an Alaskan, so bias maybe?

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      Its because it's mapped as a Mercator projection. All land near the poles is gonna be distorted.

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      Yes, I know this but didn't know what that kind of map was called. Thank you.

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      If the picture is accurate, that's an equirectangular projection, not Mercator.

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      alaska is huge. it would barely fit in the 48 state map

    6. +1

      Newsflash – Alaska is really big.

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      All maps are distorted. Except the spherical ones.

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    I like how when I started the download all my friends where liek damn 1 Hour to finish download and mine said 3 minutes which magically turned into 2 minutes left after only about 10 seconds

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    So.. instead of jizzing your pants and rushing to download this.. How about..



    Wait.. Don't we already live on earth?

    Granted.. I can see how this could be nice for bed ridden cripple who will never have any chance of ever being able to explore this planet…

    But for the rest of you.. You're lazy.. LAZY fucks.

    I'll save my "insta-jizz" card for the Mars version.

    1. +4

      yeah fuck van gogh too which faggot wants to look at sunflowers in a painting when you can just go look at some in real life yeah fuck paintings. television and photographs can get fucked as well I can see that gay shit in real life I'm not gonna do anything vicariously any more.

    2. +1

      And fuck Call of Duty, I'll go join the Army and get shot and die in real life, then respawn with a replenished loadout. Oh wait.

    3. +1


    4. +1

      If I walk outside my house, I can see about 10-20 km worth of the earth.

      If I download this content, I can go ANYWHERE.

    5. +1

      Hahahah you're a dick.

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      “You’re lazy.. LAZY f***s.” You seem to be like everyone else who uses the word; else you would know that word is a verb, not a noun

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    Why wasn't it released as a torrent …

  38. +2

    Awesome i spawned in vancouver and was able to find my home in northern oregon within 5 min of playing haha

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    So wait, you guys mean that this isn't quite a 1:1 scale of the Earth? It's only about 1:4500? Oh damn, these people need to be fired right quick. They really screwed the pooch on this one. I can't believe they were allowed to make anything.

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      I lol'd

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    It's slowly downloading for me and I'm about to explode from excitement!

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    Im going to Africa to stock up on diamonds!

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      And you won’t even have to genocide!

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    oooh ooh ooh i wanna go to canada!

  43. +1

    Bet you can't go to North Korea

    1. +2

      Challenge Accepted!

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    anyone know know what pumkins represent?

    1. 0


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    Hey people anybody know if this web is real?

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    I jumped in a boat in the sea next to Vancouver, but the sea is too big

  47. +1

    Amazing. Now I wish there was a way to tell where you are…..

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      You can. They have signs for cities, and multiple spawn locations you can select from.

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      oh wow really?! i haven't found a city yet despite spending a couple of hours trying to get to England haha! but i only have 2 spawn locations..the Sahara and Los Angeles!

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      Dude. Zan's Minimap Mod it rocks

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    After reading this I moonwalked my desk.

    1. 0

      1.6- Maps

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    I just soiled my pants!

  50. +1

    Actually, this is not 1:1; each block represents a cubic nautical mile; or at least the surfaces of the blocks represent a square nautical mile on the map.

    That would be 1:4500 something, not 1:1.

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      Each block is a meter.

    2. +1

      In this Earth map, they are not. While on a normal Minecraft map each block represents a meter cubed, in this map the top face of each block represents a nautical mile (scaled to Earth).

      I just remembered, though, that heights were greatly exaggerated so that things like Everest would actually show up properly (it's 121 blocks or so high instead of like 4).

    3. +1

      It says in the first page of the thread that each block is a square nautical mile. This means that is is far from 1:1 scale, as the title claims.

    4. -1

      Who Gives A Flying Fuck!!! This is incredible!

    5. +1

      its just disappointment in false advertising. dont get me wrong its still really cool

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