Is the Welcome Back program giving you errors? We've got your back.

By Lo-Ping - Sat Jun 04, 10:12 am

Many people, including me, are experiencing technical difficulties when attempting to download the “free” content that sony is dishing out to appease their oh-so shafted fanbase. To help alleviate stress, here is a quick panda-friendly guide to what’s wrong and how you can fix it.

The main problem at this point is the fact that you can encounter an error while trying to download your free game token before picking from the selection of games you’re allowed to pick from. Sometimes the errors force you to leave the store and upon returning, the free game button you just clicked is gone.  Fear not fellow gamer, it is not gone! Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Accounts (the icon that replaces the PSN logo once you sign into your account)
  2. Click on Transactions
  3. Scroll down and click Services
  4. In the list you should see “SCEA Promotions” click that
  5. Inside you should find your missing free game, just click on that and then choose your game!

You always have the option of waiting a while until the commotion winds down and everything is running smoothly, but seeing as we’re talking about “patch it later” Sony these days, it could be a while.

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