Anonymous' Latest Press Release to Sony

By Lo-Ping - Sun May 08, 7:56 pm

Yet another footer in the annals of the continuing PSN debacle,  “Hacker” group Anonymous has divulged a press release to Sony.  The release (entitled “Sony, I am Disappoint”)  address the issue of Sony bring up Anonymous’ name in the recent press releases and statements to government officials.  Excerpts of the release after the jump.

    Yesterday, an article appeared in Financial Times, alleging Anonymous’ involvement in the data and identity theft of some hundred million users of Sony’s Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment. This crime is now being investigated by the Homeland Security Agency (HSA), the Department of Justice (DOJ), and other legal entities. 

    …Here, Anonymous wishes to lay out our case against these allegations and false assumptions:

    First, let us consider a different article by Menn published on the Financial Times website and entitled “Hackers Warned of Arrest” [2]…. Confident in his assertion, he attempted to sell this and other pieces of so-called “intelligence” about the nature of Anonymous to the U.S. FBI.

   His information, however, was incorrect… it was not until 2008 that Anonymous became a true display of “power in numbers”. Organised protests against the “Church” of Scientology were staged in over 140 cities around the world, forever associating the Guy Fawkes mask and the right to protest with the movement.

    Second, just like Anonymous, John Doe and Joe Bloggs are placeholders, rather than proper names, and are available for free use without repercussions…

Barr and Menn did not pause to protect the integrity of their professions, but instead made clearly misinformed assumptions, and accordingly published a factually incorrect article…

    Third, in the primary article, Menn claims that a “member” of Anonymous, Kayla, made comments as an apparent admission of guilt from the “leaders”. Kayla reportedly said, “If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it”. This statement is inherently weak; an equivalent statement would be that “I confess to being human. Humans performed the attack”. Andy Greenburg at Forbes [3] got it right.

    Finally, Menn’s reference to “technical details” [1] regarding a vulnerability in Sony’s network without revealing actual content isn’t useful. Until the forensics reports are released we don’t know which exploit was used…

    Menn’s anonymous source claims that “a few ops disappeared” …During the PSN downtime, Anonymous closed #opsony and put “sony” on the automatic kick list as ‘profanity’ last week.

    Is all of this attention on Anonymous acting as a distraction from other problems, and overhyping the nature of the DDoS attacks? Sony’s recurring issues are beyond providing free game credits:

   Sony has been accused of false billing, especially in the repairs department: customers who provided credit card details for an MMORPG are charged $150 for repairs to PS3s that they don’t own; repairs are double billed and then referred to retailers; equipment is charged $150 multiple times (2-4) for repairs that aren’t performed. [7 and Further Reading]


    Outraged about the blatant coverup and shameful misdeeds, other internet hacker groups will apparently proceed with attacks [9] over Sony’s mishandling of the matter…Apparently Sony will have to learn the hard way that corporate malfeasance will not go unpunished. When the dust settles Sony may have more to fear from a massive class action lawsuit by their user base than the brief actions of the Global Hacker Nerd Brigade, Anonymous… Let THE GAMEs begin. :>

The footer then contains several references of which they cite in their release, along with a link to their IRC, revealing them (or at least their IRC server) to be based in Russia.  Take from this what you will.  Personally?  This has scared 15 year olds written all over it.  Also, once you’re issuing press releases you sort of give up the right to be considered a loose collective of random people. All these guys who try to speak for Anon as a whole just want to feel important for once in their miserable lives.

Alright, so Sony gets hacked and all user personal information gets stolen. Anonymous then proceeds to jump up and go “SUCK IT SONY WE OWNED YOU!”  But the second Homeland Security gets involved, they’re saying “W-w-well we didn’t mean we did it, when we said we did it… P-please dont tell my mommy.”



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    i say its some what a good think what ANONYMOUS is doing.. thats just in my point …. IDGAF about your guys point view on them..

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    anonymous is making one big misstake right now that most comic book and movie bad guys make they are being fooled in monologing they are right now trying to stop a whole Shitstorm of angry gamers feds i for one dont give a damn if they get caught or not but if they do i think they will have enuff time in fed. prison to think twice about what happened so that if they ever get out they will keep there egos in check next time if there will ever be a next time (sorry for cussing)

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    well i have to say that the ppl that say they will NEVER be cought are the ones who get arrested becuse of one thing the ppl who say they will never be cought ether think they are invincable and they get cocky and let there guard down and then do stupid stuff and bingo they are in hand cuffs screaming no please i didnt do it i was framed

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    hahaha judging by most of these responses and illiterate rants i think its safe to say you guys know nothing about anonymous. they wont be caught.

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    You Are Correct Sir But All We Have Now Is Words
    And As Much As I Would Love To See The Ones Who Did This Jailed I Think That The Anons Had Something To Do With It I Just Dont Think They Planed It As This Of All Things Just Sounds To Sloppy But In A Way It Might Just Have Been Them And I Am Over Thinking This If You Ask Me I Think That They Never Think Of The Reaction That There Actions Cause

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    Why is it that everywhere you go sad sacks are putting the blame on Sony for the network being down? That they are some evil corporation and had no firewalls or network security. The stupidity is unreal. Did Sony all of a sudden decided it was making to much money and lets bring down PSN and lose customers,revenue and brand image loyalty. Get a grip they workin round the clock to build the network. They losin money everyday its down so its not like they can't be bothered or not tryin hard enough.
    Our hate should be directed at folks like geoHot and anonymous. They started this.

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    Whoever brought the network down and hacked the PSN are all responsible. Be it some Anonymous members or other hackers they will get caught because now this matter has become too big. Already countries are bringing in legislaton to tighten up everything on the internet. Great work whoever helped and did it!!!!

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    The only think Anonymous has achieved is that the laws will be changed by goverments to keep a tighter control on the internet. Agencies like the FBI CIA etc will have greater powers aginst cyber criminals etc. Basically they'll start snooping into everything ppl download or say etc. You get the picture? They just made it worse for everybody. Nice one Anonymous!!!!

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    I agree with you alex innocent until proven guilty. also if Anonymous is looking at these comments i just want to say that i really support what you have done and anything in the future you plan on doing and i appreciate the hard work that you all have put into doing all that you have done Thank you.

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    > I mean… by blaming the entirety of Anon, that’s incredibly short-sighted. Extreme example, but would you blame every Muslim in the world for 9/11?

    No but a lot of people do.

    That's the problem with todays society. It's too difficult to isolate the blame to a single person so they generalize and blame a wide group.

    Anonymous is not a group, it's an idea. I can call myself "anon" right now, you could trace me to who I am, do a full doc on me and all you'd discover is that I own a car I'm not legally allowed to drive and I have a couple unpaid toll notices.

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    As someone who's actually educated on the topic, let me make one thing clear that Anonymous are NOT pissing their pants like you all so gleefully believe. Believe me. There are tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of them, and there's no way you can prosecute them all, even if the nigh-impossible task of proving the entirety of the collective was responsible was accomplished.

    The hivemind that is Anonymous is much smarter than you people may assume. They publicly announced the halt of the DDOSing in early April because they predicted it would be an inconvenience to the users. The hack occurred a week later.

    Also, anyone who claims that Anon has accomplished nothing proves just how little they know about the subject. Either that or they're willing to ignore how Scientology's profits have plummeted since 2008, or how HB Gary Federal was revealed by Anons to be doing some truly cuntish things… OR how some factions of Anon helped provide people in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia with the online tools needed to aid the revolution against dictatorship regimes. You must remember that Anon is multi-faceted and therefore anyone can identify themselves as Anonymous. It's not a group but an idea. I don't agree with everything that's been done in the name of Anonymous, but one action perpetrated by one faction of Anon isn't necessarily condoned by the rest.

    I mean… by blaming the entirety of Anon, that's incredibly short-sighted. Extreme example, but would you blame every Muslim in the world for 9/11?

    This is of course assuming that the attack was done in the name of Anonymous' mantra, which is unlikely due the uncharacteristic nature of the attack. In civilised countries, there's a concept called "Innocent Until Proven Guilty".

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    Most of Anon are script kids, there seems to be some leadership there that have real hacking chops though.

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    Anonymous had nothing to do with it as a group. People just assumed it was Anonymous in the first place.

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    “This has scared 15 year olds written all over it."
    Terrible article with retarded stereotypical nonsense.

    People don't take this site seriously they just want some free traffic they dont have a clue as to what they are talking about. Go discuss this elsewhere this site does not deserve the traffic.

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      Have you seen the pictures and videos of these guys with the Masks on? Do you think they are using voice changers because they sound like James Earl Jones?

      I challenge you to find 1 Adam's Apple on their necks.

      These are mostly juveniles. They may have a seriously socially maladjusted older leader, but I think most of the heavy lifting my Anonymous is in the 12-17 year old age group.

      James contrary to how you feel, this site has brought up a very good point. Anon was all too happy to be Legion a few weeks ago before the FBI and DHS got involved.

      Time for Anonymous and the like to start picking out soap on a rope.

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      whaat theirs a video.. send me the link please.. wonna c this

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    Anonymous lacks objective i mean what are the figthing for is stupid shit, dnt call urself gamers or try to side gamers with u when u dnt care bout gamers, if they would they wouldnt have done anything… u know Anonymous F*ck u

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    If I ever meet someone in real life who claims to be apart of this, I don't care where I am, I kicking that pathetic little bitch's ass.

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    i just wanna play gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    Anonymous is scared bitches now! Acting all hard before. I hope you all get fuked! Give me back PSN!! I WANT TO PLAY BATTLEFIELD!

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    Playing miltiplayer MP games isn't just to play online games, but to be able to connect and socialize with your friends around the world without no cost. I'm able to talk to people and make great conversations, like where there from and what kind of games they like to play. You can chat with a person in Canada to all the way in Europe and share each others ideas, thoughts about the game or just to talk funny shit upon eachother. But to me, its not just about MP gaming, its being able to connect with friends and convert words, while I'm in my recliner eating my favorite chips at no cost. My point is that, people pay for fast internet to enjoy these capabilities on the ps3, and now since, whomever is responsible for crashing psn, I'm paying this months bill for nothing. I think Sony should compensate us by selling all ps3 accessories for half off for the same time/duration that psn has been down! What do you think?

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    Such fucking pains these guys are! Ruined portal 2 and brink

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    You're all idiots. Anonymous is not a hacking group, it's not an organized entity. Anonymous is a group of people spanning continents whose members do not even know eachother. Taking into account the amount of organized protests they've put together you must assume some level of intelligence. With this information you can assume at least one person (I won't say a ranking member since there exists no leadership structure) would see how this attack does not take away Sony's credibility but instead punishes innocent people. Saying that they are guilty by association is saying that you yourself are guilty of rape because you are from a country with members who are rapists. As a whole anonymous is not guilty even if certain people who exist within anonymous are. Do some research on your own before you jump to conclusions just because somebody misquoted something.

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      That is such bull — SOMEONE is responsible, the FBI and DHS are involved. I don't care if they call themselves Anonymous, who ever is responsible should serve jail time.

      Obviously there is some sort of leadership structure, at least some people in anonymous think so to keep speaking on behalf of the group.

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    thinking about this whole situation always reminds me of Thomas Jefferson and what he wrote about. the people rising up against their own government and major companies in times of injustice. i truly believe that what he has spoken of will come in the near future. this is only the beginning. im not saying that i agree or disagree with it, but you cant deny the power that lies in the hands of people these days. the digital age has given ordinary men the opportunity to grasp control of authority without the possession of weapons. just about every single thing we see is controlled by some type of computer. traffic lights, television broadcasts, your health and legal records, bank accounts, and security can be taken away with just a few clicks of a mouse and keyboard.

    1. 0



      I am sick of Anonymous feeling like they are at liberty to tell me if I can play online on the PSN. Thomas Jefferson would not agree with these tactics AT ALL. It's tyranny, a small group of people are inhibiting the rights of many.

      They called them Tyrants in TJ's day. I call them what they are buttholes.

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    Didnt Anon take credit for the attack that made PSN glitchy for a few days? This is approx. a week before the service went down? Didn't they spout a bunch of anti Sony hate and protests and promise bigger scale attacks on Sony in the future? Didn't they recruit Geohot (what a loser) shortly before the service went down and he is supposed to be the one who fully cracked the system? Didn't investigation on sonys systems by outside agencies detect a file called Anon and their legion tagline? I work in law and if someone robs a bank, comes to your house with the money, tells you about it, and you knowingly hide the proceeds and or the suspects you will be charged with a few offences. So saying things like "rogue members" is moot. You are guilty by association at this point. The proper thing to do would be for the heads of this "hacker group" to find out themselves who did this and turn them over to the FBI and homeland security. Then you have deniability that will be credible. Right now, any and all people who know someone who is part of Anon or claims to have knowledge of their members should be turned over to the FBI so that this issue is resolved and the criminals are held accountable for what they did. And believe me it will be a lot when u consider the amount of business Sony and the game companies with products associated to the network have and the number of average Joe gamers who have games they play online oh, amd lets not forget the credit card co.'s whos owners are part of the elite group of ppl that really control the world. Punishment will be massive. You can't mess with the economy of large businesses in today's world. Turn these guys over if you want to be absolved Anon, otherwise I challenge gamers and PS3 users to stand up to Anon-the ppl that ruined your home entertainment, stole your personal information, and your credit card information. Don't let their law student wording of press releases fool you. These guys are scared because they didn't think of the consequences of their actions or the capabilities of it's membership. No honor amongst thieves seems to come to mind right now

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    All I know right now is I would like to play everquest that I pay for and is now screwed up-Sony is ultimatly responsable for their product and need to get their stuff together and get soe back up!

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    for a lil person like you to talk junk, I would watch what you say. You will never know what they can do.

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      @Blaze Blue

      Not little 6'3" pushing about 225lbs.

      What are they going to do for an encore? Rape my mother?

      Am I supposed to walk on eggshells because of Anonymous?

      They are becoming what they most despise. If they respect rights I should be able to voice my opinion regardless of how it positions them.

      I don't fear these assholes. Believe me I know real hackers that don't depend on someone elses JavaScript to do the work for them. They actually have real jobs and participate in society in a productive manner this is something you may no little about living with mommy and daddy.

      I am not the only one that feels this way!

  26. +1

    Anonymous you better start looking for housing in Pakistan! 🙂

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    Here is the bottom line!
    I am a soe customer and mostly play everquest.
    I also have been a Business Owner for the last 21 years.
    When you own a Business you have certain things that are expected of you.
    Protect your customers info.
    Deliver your product on time.
    Maintain the quality of your product.
    Hire quality people who know their busines.
    Always tell the truth.

    Evidently some of these large corps have forgotten some business basics.
    Myself I hired a kid in his early 20s to maintain my security who I know could hack and knows the ins and outs-guess what-no 12 yrs olds have EVER hacked my system – financial info is protected on a non accessable system!
    I care about my customers they are my bread and butter!
    Sony should FIRE every single person invoved with securing their company and HIRE some hacker types to protect them and me the loyal customer!

    1. 0

      @Ron Welker

      Security is a tough bag it takes a combination of experience, vast knowledge of networking architecture. Even with all that you have to combat creativity — that's where security gets to be very hard.

      To draw a parallel between your single office entity and Sony is a bit of a stretch. Just the legal liabilities alone when comparing Sony to Welker Enterprises is monumental. Thus you are comparing Apples to Oranges.

      I think Sony has pretty well come clean about what has happened without revealing HOW the hackers did it.

    2. 0

      Business basics are the same all over -granted 21 employees is not the same as Sony But they have to use the basics or they will eventually go the way of the steam engine lol.

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    Okay likening Anonymous to Bin Laden or terrorist groups is going a bit too far i must admit.

    However whether Anon are personally responsible or not, THEY incited and instigated this and called for Sony to be bought to its knees.
    You cannot create a monster then complain when it attacks people.

    Freedom and rights are not passwords to allow you to do whatever the hell you like. What Anon encouraged, did and do is illegal and wrong, if you don't like something then go about changing it the right way not by starting attacks or encouraging others to do so.
    Whatever the right or wrong of Sony's case the fact that it should have been left to the justice system.
    Everyone knew the deal when buying their PS3s, we all knew it was Sony's way or the highway!!
    All Anon has accomplished here is to turn a whole group of consumers(who they claim to protect) against them in a most spectacular way!
    Oh and as for the flying insults back and forth from both sides thats just childish and immature. here's a word for Certain users of this site;


    1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
    2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
    3. the formal expression of a professional judgment

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    this is messed up!

    will Anon forgive Sony?

    Sony need to stop this sh* and give us what we want man!

    who cares about the OtherOS? the ps3 was hacked without OtherOS so just unlock it back for us!

    1. 0

      yeah exactly if sony would have kept the otherOS feature this would have been less likely to have even happened.

    2. 0

      Obviously if Sony was certain OtherOS couldn't be tampered with they would open the feature.

      Obviously that isn't the case.

      No one used it anyways. The PS3 was a terrible Linux client. All this outrage about the feature is invented. Prior to this 90% of the people bitching about the feature never heard of it.

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    Anonymous needs to collectively get laid. Only sexual repression from years of masturbation and frustration with women would lead to this kind of movement.

    Seriously Anonymous, no one gives a shit about your invented perils with Sony. Most people in the know understand enough about freedom and rights to know that your clan of teenagers, are just acting out like kids do. No one takes you seriously at this age because you are full of hormones and you don't always make the best decisions (obviously). When you apply a hive mind / group think mentality to this to validate each other it does nothing to change the world. It just makes everyone thing you guys are assholes. And why would we think otherwise?

    You can wait for age and experience to let you know your path is foolish, or you can simply use your brains separate from your egos and consider others for once.

  31. 0

    Hahaha – those boys are gonna have a nice time in a state pen, w/o their computers to hid behind, they're gonna have something else behind them; OZ style!

  32. 0

    In the old times hackers were responsible and try to find glitches and bugs in security-systems around the globe. If they've found any, they've contacted the company to notify them. When the companies wouldn't do anything about those glitches the hackers go public to notify the users.

    Nowadays hackers are prematured patriotist and they just wanted to sink a japanese company while relasing private keys and "custom firmware" – which btw were stolen in the first time.

    The so-called heroes of the customers who jailbreaks even toasters and TV-sets just to run their own pirated softwarez on closed systems are the new lowlifes of this planet. I wish one big internetbomb would explode and kill those fools for stealing and enabling others to pirate copyrighted goods…

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    "This has scared 15 year olds written all over it. Also, once you’re issuing press releases you sort of give up the right to be considered a loose collective of random people." First, the group is definitely composed by members of all age groups. Second, the press releases are made by whatever member of Anonymous, if you check their IRC you see they accept submissions for the press releases and the most well written and better argumented ones are used, so who has written may not even be linked more than being in the group to the online attacks. After all, if you check the footnotes and search for the info, you actually find out that everything factual written in there is true. And the truth is that this is a dirty way to fight, but someone's gotta do it. Microsoft's console was hacked way before the PS3 and they never took action against it like Sony is doing, which in my opinion is complete a overreaction by Sony. They made the mistakes of fooling people in repairs, mishandled a really big information leak and most of all, they hunted down people for their own gains over the excuse of being for the law, making Twitter release information about certain users, definitely doing something illegal, breaking our right to privacy. All in all, I think Sony deserves what's happening, even though it's not the best way to make them pay. Sony made too many "mistakes" and they're going to get for it. If Justice won't do it, then Anonymous will.

    1. 0

      MS Bricked Hacked Consoles, they shut down any shops doing any sort of modding.

      To suggest that MS didn't care about it's intellectual property further exposes your immaturity and a lack of understanding about intellectual property rights.

      You are clueless, save responses for the smart people.

  34. 0

    DDOSing and and stealing personal details are two very different things.

    Anonymous has never admitted to the hack. The hack has been widely condemned by the majority of Anons, and you forget that many Anons would've been negatively affected by this too. Oh, and don't you dare bring up the file they found on the PSN servers. Any idiot can create a text file. Sounds like a perfect diversionary tactic to me. Also, if you're gonna deny involvement, why leave a calling card?

    I suggest people like yourselves calm down, cool your frustration somehow over not being able to play some online games, and look at this entire situation rationally. You have every right to be angry, but don't accuse someone unless there is indiscernable proof that they're guilty. I'd hate to think of any of you on a jury.

    I also think it's incredibly offensive for you to be likening Anonymous (who actually are known to have done some really good things) to Osama Bin Laden and terrorists. I'd like to see you argue to someone who lost their mother or father on 9/11 that their pain is similar to you not being able to play Call of Duty online for three weeks. Your selfishness is disgusting.

    1. 0


      Let me pick apart your asinine response Sonny boy.

      "DDOSing and and stealing personal details are two very different things."

      No one has said otherwise Capt Obvious.

      "Anonymous has never admitted to the hack. The hack has been widely condemned by the majority of Anons, and you forget that many Anons would’ve been negatively affected by this too."

      Anonymous is a group of kids who say they are legion, they are everywhere. You can't have it both ways bub. Either Anonymous is ubiquitous or they are not. Which is it? Funny how they get to pick and chose what they want to be responsible for. Take off the masks and this won't be a problem, but then mommy and daddy will be grounding 90% of the membership.

      "Oh, and don’t you dare bring up the file they found on the PSN servers."

      Oh don't you dare tell me what to do. Just for that I will bring it up!

      "Any idiot can create a text file. Sounds like a perfect diversionary tactic to me. Also, if you’re gonna deny involvement, why leave a calling card?"

      Obviously the calling card was there before the PR war went south on Anonymous. I am not saying it was Anonymous and if you read and listen to what Sony has been saying, they didn't say it was Anonymous either. But that doesn't match your "Sony is the devil" profile for all your arguments against them. Thus they serve little purpose in your emotionally fueled arguements that have no basis in logic.

      "I suggest people like yourselves calm down, cool your frustration somehow over not being able to play some online games, and look at this entire situation rationally. You have every right to be angry, but don’t accuse someone unless there is indiscernable proof that they’re guilty. I’d hate to think of any of you on a jury."

      I suggest to people like you — get off your fucking high horse. Obviously you have some relationship with Anonymous and I can only speculate this is out of some need to "fit in". I suggest you tell you freinds at Anonymous to focus some of their energies on getting laid, so the rest of the gaming community doesn't need to suffer the fallout of their ego-driven diatribe against Sony.

      "I also think it’s incredibly offensive for you to be likening Anonymous (who actually are known to have done some really good things)"

      I have read Anonymous' history, they have accomplished ZERO. Scientology is still around, the rednecks for that babptist Church is still around. Oh they took out their websites — big fucking deal.

      "to Osama Bin Laden and terrorists. I’d like to see you argue to someone who lost their mother or father on 9/11 that their pain is similar to you not being able to play Call of Duty online for three weeks. Your selfishness is disgusting."

      Look perhaps you were talking to someone else, but I have not equated Anonymous to Bin Laden. Anonymous needs to be dealt justice as they seem to think they can do as they please, when they please. That is the very definition of a tyrant.

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    its funny how people talk all this smack yet they arent capable of anything. the only reason people are crying like babies is because they cant play online MP lol its ridiculous. as that guy "cazy as human" stated it really is pathetic that everyone follows the media like blind sheep without knowing what is really going on because they cant play a couple of online MP games. of course anyone going after a big corporation is soooo " evil" lol . whoever hacked sony did something that couldnt be done by the average joe. maybe you guys should sharpen your computer skills instead of hating on people who are technologically superior to you. get a life and if you dont have one go play another console or another game entirely there are plenty of games from the old days that are better than half of the mainstream shitty games coming out . currently playing Final fantasy 2 until the network comes up and the downtime hasnt bothered me.

    1. 0

      "the only reason people are crying like babies is because they cant play online MP lol its ridiculous."

      Last I checked I was free to carry on business with any company like Sony as I please. That includes online. When someone inhibits this ability of mine, they are trampling on my rights. So I really think your assertions as who the cry babies are is completely off. Remember the biggest cry baby of them all GeoHots got us in this mess.

      "as that guy “cazy as human” stated it really is pathetic that everyone follows the media like blind sheep without knowing what is really going on because they cant play a couple of online MP games."

      Follows the media? The media has been full of FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt). Because most of the "Journalist" covering this mess have about as much integrity as Anonymous. They just after attention too. I suppose none of their mothers and fathers gave them enough attention when they was kids. Either way their digital tamper tantrum is effecting many.

    2. 0

      "Last I checked I was free to carry on business with any company like Sony as I please. That includes online. When someone inhibits this ability of mine, they are trampling on my rights. So I really think your assertions as who the cry babies are is completely off. Remember the biggest cry baby of them all GeoHots got us in this mess."

      hello? did you not read? lol the online MP aspect of the console doesn't make up the console. i didnt buy a ps3 to only play online. like i said go play another game in the meantime instead of whining.

      and for the people that believe that the justice system should handle this , the justice system doesnt always work and is most of the time guided to make those in favor win. when you arent a big corp like sony its hard for your words to be heard or taken seriously so i say sometimes you have to do shit like this to be heard by the "big dogs" sony getting mangled by annon shows that the ppl can fight back when something is shoved down their throat for too long. geohot wasn't whining. if you call wanting to be able to run your own software on a piece of hardware you spent 500$ + for whining then you are stupid. it was said that if sony did remove the other os feature action would be taken and thats exactly whats happening. i dont see any wrong in it. call me radical if you'd like but the bottom line is that people are just mad they cant play online and that just shows the casual gamers at heart lol , as a gamer i educate myself with the issues going on in the industry as a whole. this issue is more important than being able to play some dumb ass MP game.

    3. 0


      "hello? did you not read? lol the online MP aspect of the console doesn’t make up the console. i didnt buy a ps3 to only play online. like i said go play another game in the meantime instead of whining."

      How old are you man? You have the intellectual prowess of a 10 year old when it comes to rights and justice. You do not have a clue son, so sit down while I learn you.

      No one (not even pimple faced asshats who hide behind masks) has a right to interfere with Sony's network. There is no historical precedents that make this sort of thing acceptable in the least.

      Sony is a private corp, they have every right to create products with intellectual property that stems from the talent they hire. Me as a private citizen can do anything I want with Sony's products (in the privacy of my own home). But if I do something that works against their intellectual property (say publish the PS3 root key), than Sony has a right to seek justice (notice the use of the word here).

      As a private citizen I have rights too, if I do not like what Sony is doing as a corporation I am free not to do business with them. They haven't locked me into anything, I am free to chose from many avenues for my entertainment needs. No one is holding a gun to my head to buy Sony. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head to buy Sony. So contrary to Anonymous' completely misguided opinion, Sony is my no means a Tyranny. Calling them a Tyranny only further highlights people's intellectual deficiencies, if you can't understand a language you have no qualifications to debate in that tongue.

      The problem you have here is these hackers are all a bunch of kids, being kids. Unfortunately their hive-minded-ness is completely misguided and I suggest to you Mr. Cyanide it is the hackers that present a real Tyranny. After all WHO do they answer to? It looks like not even their parents.

      So keep yapping your nonsense, people who are adults are not buying it, because we have already moved out of mommy and daddy's house because we are big boys and big girls now. Time to stop sucking off the tit of mom and dad and make a life for yourself sonny.

      The OtherOS feature was largely un-used and NO ONE bought a PS3 because of that feature. Any suggestion otherwise is non-sense. The only reason hacking asshats like you want it in there is because it could very well be a backdoor to pirated software. Taking un-used features off of a console is not a crime. DDOSing a Network and Stealing private data is.

  36. 0

    There is no need for such rage. There are no enought evidence to prove anonymous did it, actually, they never stole CC and info before.
    And I agree with what the other 2 guys said. If you say you are anonymous you are, even if that means incriminating everibody else.

  37. 0

    I can't believe ppl are defending Anonymous. They are responsible for the PSN attack. Even if they didn't hack and steal the info their DOS attacks distracted Sony and allowed this to happen.It doesn't matter how good your network security is because when enough ppl get together and attack they'll get through. I laugh at the anology of leaving a house unlocked and thus the burglar will rob you. If they want in it don't matter if your doors are locked.

  38. 0

    Doesn't matter if Anon did it or not. Aonon put themselves in the spot light and Sony, FBI, HLS will use them as an example. Anon, I pay 60bucks a month to have just fast net for online play and I'm paying this months bill for what? Nothing..ugh!.. go fuckn crumble and die for the sake of the people.

    1. 0

      ANON forever, they have done a great job at fookin sony over. How i laff everyday that psn is down, while i get down to playing cod on the 360. Sony may recover from this, but its an early grave for the ps3 – and who doesnt like that?. Respect.

  39. 0

    AnonOps said they didn't do it.
    The card left after the attack is assumed to be an independent cell of anons or unrelated hackers conveniently placing the blame.

    So I don't see where you got the idea for the "We owned you Sony" thing.

    Separate point.
    I don't get how people can, out of spite, say… I dunno…
    Call Anonymous a bunch of children, and then believe they single-handidly took down a mega corp?
    Those are pretty much mutually exclusive claims. Even if they are underage and capable of taking down Sony all that would say is they are either that good or Sony is that bad.

    I don't really care about either side anymore, the whole thing is silly. Let the people with money and experience do the legal and investigative stuff, speculation is a futile endeavor.

    1. 0

      True. It seems people here are just overcome with rage and they need to insult them pointlessly.
      Final message: All you guys who think anon are a bunch of kids, just think: would some kids get enough attention to the point of making protests all over the world and take down a mega corp? Besides there is no evidence they did it for now, so until then the feds cant put a finger on them.

    2. 0

      I think it just goes to show what a bunch of kids with no real ambitions can do. Most companies aren't equipped to deal with a grass roots effort of a few thousand criminals.

      To draw an analogy in real life, it would be like if you went to every Starbucks in your town and some cry baby environmental group didn't like the type of paper they were using in their napkins, so they send two dozen people to block the doors at each location in your town.

      That isn't a protest, that is illegally blocking commerce. We have means for protest in this country that doesn't involve a bunch of cry babies hiding behind masks because if their parents catch them they will be grounded.

  40. 0

    dear anonymous….judgement day is coming your fate is sealed you should of expected this!

  41. 0

    @'Joe Blogg'

    You know if you own 20 dogs (Anon) 3 run loose ("Rouge hackers") and bite someones hand off that'll look really bad on you and the rest of your pups,, So uhm yeah lol They're kind of hard to defend

  42. 0

    Your days are numbered Anonymous. Wallow in fear. The FBI is coming after you. 🙂

  43. 0

    great to see how people can get controlled by the media and giant corporate with simple words =]..u all sickening me, open your eyes and live a life, not under a rock being stepped on by the corp and media; or better yet get a new console geez play wii, xbox or w/e.

    1. 0

      @Crazy as human – we're not living under a rock, it's the Anon guys who are living in their own delusional little minds. Their misconceived 'anger' at Sony highlights their almost complete lack of understanding of how modern society works (as does their confusion at the response – where clearly the rest of us pointing out their fundamentally flawed ethical and philosophical position are just living under rocks are just unable to 'think' at their level – although their may be some truth in this, I can't genuinely believe the rubbish that Anon take as gospel truth). When Anon stop living in basements navel-gazing, and join the rest of us out here in the real world, then they'll finally understand how messed-up they've been.

      Doesn't mean they did the attacks, of course, and you can't believe everything you read on the interwebs. Interestingly, though, Sony has been one of the the only ones to not outright blame Anonymous, and yet Anon keep on coming…. I haven't seen more ideologically blinded fools (reference to Anon here) in a long, long time.

  44. 0

    I thought SEALs took down the Anonymous leader few days ago… :O

  45. 0

    ok in all truth i never gave a crap about Anonymous , that was until they started messing with my gaming , makes me think someone did not plan things out to well. they stand for what wanting pirate games , freedom to do what you want with what you own is cool and all, but you gotta consider the fact that video game developers livelihood relies on sales of games , pirating doesn't help i mean look at the PSP.

  46. 0

    haha ANONYMOUS you know you can't hide forever look what that got Osama Bin Laden after 10 years it got him a bullet in the left eye. so this is my words to you and only you,

    don't get COCKY if you get to hypted over FUCKING with SONY you can get burned and even though you have HAMELAND SECURITY & the FBI on you, you do know the FBI has the rights to come into any country they want and do what ever they want in that country better yet you fuck with HAMELAND SECURITY that's even worse then the FBI so they maybe a lot of your group around the world but when they get a trace of you on the net then your FUCKED and there isn't anyone who can help you out of it, so this is my last words "GOOD BYE HAPPY GETTING FUCKED" by that HUGE black guy in pirson fucking loosers.

  47. 0

    I never cared about hackers. I used to think that hackers were people who just wanted stuff for free, but, at the end they would get in trouble. Sort of like…an cyber thief. Now, hackers are like Robin Hood and crap? They fight for the people? If they fight for the people, why don't they expose the one, or ones, who caused this whole mess? Why they don't find, in their OWN WAY, who hacked the psn? Fight for the people that way, annon. So, how are you fighting for the people, then? If you mess with the company that entertains me, that I PAID for that entertainment, how is that fighting for the people? Get the ones responsable, stop talking smack and I believe what you say. Otherwise, you're just a group "fighting" for your own selfish and dumb reasons and calling it "fighting for the people". "Fighting for the people" MY ASS!!!!

    1. 0

      Hey, I'M a person. Fight for me and stop screwing over PSN members!!!!!!

  48. 0

    Who expects anything from Anon except teenage angst? They seem to thrive on that and embrace that about themselves. They are the internet's collective id

  49. 0

    Well put, My words exactly.

  50. 0

    You know what I find so odd…how the hell any message can mean a damn when there's nobody but ambiguity to attach it to. Imagine all of these potent quotes if there were no names to assign them to…

    "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

    "American's are slow to hostility."

    "Cowardice, as distinguished from panic, is almost always simply a lack of ability to suspend the functioning of the imagination."

    Yeah, I'm sick of this crap and the holier than thou motives behind this "legion". So I'm supposed to be on their side, but everything about them reeks of teenage angst and pitiful loathing.

  51. 0

    Firstoff; AnonOps never claimed SHIT for this. You can call them words; insult them; whatever; they don't care. Homophobic insults don't hurt them; they just hurt you. Really how low must you be to not use facts to drive a fight over plain old insults. Anon didn't do this. I was following this since before they ever PROTESTED SONY; and they REPEATEDLY SAID:
    "Don't Attack PSN. We FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE."
    They didn't attack PSN, if anything; a couple rogue hackers did.

    You all insult them; and you don't truly understand. Pretending to be a huge athletic punk; and calling them Geeks, Nerd, insulting them does nothing.

    Geeks Will Rule The Earth.

    (Then You'll All Be Fucked.)

    1. 0

      @ 'Joe Blogg'

      The DDOS attacks were on PSN and publicly led by Anonymous. You kind of missed the point. They DID attack PSN. Even if you do not attribute the supposed information hack to them….

      Jeez… Don't people think before typing?

    2. 0

      ok man you are really stupid for thinking that hackers and geeks and nerds will rule.
      If someone was to pull the plug on the internet what would you guys do. Moan and cry because you guys will have nothing what hackers do is illegal and always will be F you and anon and any hacker

  52. 0

    I wish they would stop disturbing us. They should've done their ability for other things instead of hacking PSN which there are many inncent people just got involved in it only because of them..I hope they better hack for keeping our world justice by screwing up bad guys such as hacking North Korea or some other countries ,organization, terrorists groups who are disturbing our society.

  53. 0

    I wish anonymous would just stfu. Really. I don't care what any of them think. I purchased a ps3 knowing it was locked. Didn't care when i bought it. Don't care now. Leave us alone. Go bother tom cruise or something

  54. 0

    Alright, so Sony gets hacked and all user personal information gets stolen. Anonymous then proceeds to jump up and go “SUCK IT SONY WE OWNED YOU!” But the second Homeland Security gets involved, they’re saying “W-w-well we didn’t mean we did it, when we said we did it… P-please dont tell my mommy.”

    I suppose I have to argue with that point, sir. I'm sure many will in return say that. Some ofcourse are adamant of their point and will go go till the end that what they did was right, but that is as with most situations, a minority. But is it so bad to say you didn't mean it? I mean if you say you didn't mean it then that will help you get a lower sentence or get off with out any charges at all. Even if you didn't mean it, it's smarter to say that then "Go ahead and put in in prison". I would do the same thing.

    Also Bringing up the comment about Homeland Security, I can't help but be reminded of what Sony did to HBGary. If you haven't heard of it then I recomend researching up that subject. I'm not praising what Anonymous or Sony has done, nor am I condemning them.

  55. 0

    Silly little twirps, when they are finally round up and put to jail they be pissing themselves. Can't wait to see them on the news, too bad the under age laws will hide there identities.

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