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By Jamal I. - Thu May 05, 10:18 pm


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    Shoot, who would have tuhohgt that it was that easy?

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    Bioware started me1 as a rpg with strong story elements and light shooter elements with the focus being role playing and exploration me2 stripped out way too many of the skills that could be improved with simply leveling up and aplying skill points all that had to be done to improve things in 2 where remove the weapon stats only put in less combat instead of simplifying the level up system remove 1 or 2 skills would have worked and keeping in the planet exploration but on a larger scale with more interesting environments and making the hammer head a part of the core game instead dlcscams anyone from the cod crowd got a nasty response go to hell

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    Shooting should never be decided by math. The RPG elements should really only be in play when deciding how you change the story of the game. Can't F'ing wait for super actiony ME3.

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    I loved mass effect 1. ME2 was better in every way other than the strength of the main story and the mining in my opinion. I hear fools constantly referencing the first game and their love for the inventory system which was shiiiite. Unlike you losers I have confidence in Bioware to deliver a stunning finally to shepards trilogy and I'm sure just as ME2 was superior in almost every way to the first game, ME3 will be superior to ME2. Case closed.

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      dude, please…you are obv part of that MW2 crowd that likes to button mash and enjoys shooting game, cause me2 is just a third person shooter with dialogue wheel…in terms of RPG, me1 destroys me2 in that aspect in every single way….the fact that me3 is going to appeal to the masses only means its going to be dumbed down. Dragon age 2, is biowares worst game to date..pres A and awesome happens, yet that formula has fans raging…so no, Bioware, or now, EAware, is not the studio it used to be…EA rushes them for money and instead of standing up they behave like lil bitches and take it up the butt to please lil ppl like you

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    I was intensely disappointed by Mass Effect 2.

    Sure the combat was smoother but the disjointed, loading screen filled design was irritating and a story that seems purely in service of newcomers left me feeling like I wasn't important to Bioware at all.

    Come on Bioware, Jade Empre 2 – No fuckups

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    Bioware has decide to destroy ME franchise and itself.

    I was already very disappointed by ME2…
    ME2 wasn't the much promised second chapter in the trilogy… it was an action reboot!
    A spin-off more than a proper sequel!

    They call it EA EFFECT!

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      Agreed! Beautifully said.

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