Wrex Confirmed for Mass Effect 3 by Accident?

By Lo-Ping - Fri Apr 29, 4:20 pm

In listening to the Mass Effect 3 podcast, a question was asked: “What’s Bioware doing for combat?”  The most interesting part of the response?
“We saw Shepard fighting with Liara, Urdn- uh, Garrus”.  Don’t believe us?  Take a listen for yourself around the 9:25 mark.  What does this mean exactly?  Perhaps the roster that we reported on earlier VIA PS3M has been expanded to include our lovable Krogan?  Or perhaps it’s the mark of the return of our previous Krogan squadmate Grunt.

Dare we dream of a Grunt/Wrex/Shepard squad?  Dare we dream?


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    It could also have been Urdnot Grunt, and BioWare just wanted to mess with people.

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    Don't feed the troll.

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    we can dream!!!

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    Mass Effect is overrated.

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      Really? You don't have anything better to do with your life that reading about a game you find to be overrated? Or did you just say it to start a flamewar? Either option is tragic. But to get back to the subject, it is pretty thin. I mean, I've said wrong names before. Doesn't say you're wrong though, but we already knew he's gonna be in the game so it's not really that big of a reveal.

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