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By Kyle S. - Sun Jan 20, 12:02 pm


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    Bunch of fucking idiots, your grammar is absolutly terrible. Halo revolutionised the FPS genre there was nothing like it before the game came out and to think I was going to put in an application to write for you guys? You can go fuck yourselves

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    i have never been a fan of the series myself i honestly believe the game is for people who wont more advanced shooters. but for some reason bungie keeps being able to make money off of it. the game itself had alot of potential that was not utilized wich is sad. and the multiplayer, im sure we all no that guy that claims he is badass at shooters but only plays halo, that is because many people could get good at halo due to mindless repition . you could memorize the map and go to what ever weapon you wanted and be to your advantage in a matter of seconds. i mean seriously if instead of a sniper rifle being on your favorite what would you do if there turned up a shotgun. or if insted there being a shot gun in closed quarters there was a rocket launcher there that off’ed you to when you shot. so like i said if this was more of a game for skill and less of mindless memorization then i might have liked it. i really hope that they can get the next one done right if not then bungie just needs to cut the cord already and let go.

Comments -49 - 0 of 2First« PrevNext »Last

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