Whitehouse.gov Petition to Ban Skyrim

By Lo-Ping - Sat Nov 26, 2:31 pm

I have seen some shit...

I have seen some shit...

Does the idea of slaying dragons in a high-fantasy setting leave a bad taste in your mouth?  Do heroic deeds in a far away land

populated by giants, elves, and cat-people offend your sensibilities?  Well fret not, social conservative!  For your possibly literal prayers have been answered!

A petition on whitehouse.gov has called for the Immediate Ban of “The Deadly Videogame Known As SkyRim”.  The satire is palpable with such bullet points as “SkyRim produced by Blizzard entertainment”, and the suggestion to create a national database of videogame avatars and screen names so that “teenagers can be better monitored”.  It’s definitely worth a read; if not for the reasons above, but for the petition signers names.

Honorable mentions go to Mehrunes D, Oblivion; Batman, The Batcave; and The Mages College In, Whiterun.


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    If you ban Skyrim.
    Dragons won’t be the only thing I will be killing.

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      Ignore this ass-clown that can’t spell MY name right.
      But in all seriousness.
      You ban Skyrim.
      You die.

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    Lame! there is nothing wrong with skyrim and you cant take it away from me bro! best game ever!!!! By the way skyrim is made by bethesda not blizzard and the college in in winterhold! you dont know shi*

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    This thing with skyrim is Bull Skyrim is prouduced by Bethseda not Blizzard and Skyrim is an ultimate fighting experienec

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