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By Lo-Ping - Mon Sep 12, 9:00 am


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    I hate Bioware because I’m a girl. It didn’t use to be the case but when I have a bunch of tits thrust into my face – alien tits, robot tits, tits that have no right to even be there – and then they talk about it when they’re advertising like I give a huge big shit about titties and nothing else, it makes me feel a little excluded as a woman with any modicum of dignity.

    I don’t think they’re sexist, really. I mean, Randy Pitchford isn’t there. The female characters are well developed personality-wise and there isn’t a single one I completely hate (at least, not because she has no personality). But yeah they aren’t really advertising to me and the female Shepard vote pretty much told me that they don’t give a shit if I’m on board with their games or not.

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    Ten bux says you all buy it anyways.

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    What he Said ^^^
    I would say that Mass effect is a decent game but I cant help but feel that they are pushing the whole sex appeal on us as a reason to buy the game. Most camera angles point upwards so that Im constantly looked at Miranda’s ass.

    But what really annoys me is that Miranda wears clothes so tight, you can see her belly button and camel toe. While Jack wears a strip of leather on her breasts. To summarise. I remember when Bioware made good games and didnt rely on gamers being perverts to sell their games.

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    I don't think anyone is insulting KoToR or Balder's Gate, those are classics that innovated and inspired change in a genre. Mass Effect and Dragon Age 1 & 2 for both were terrible.

    A company like BioWare has to do one of two things, either take an overused genre and completely revolutionize it with gameplay changes or new mechanics. Or take a successful overused genre and maximize it's potential quality.

    If they can't make a new game that is different, then they need to be able to take a game like Oblivion and add incredible polish and story.

    Mass Effect is a clean Gears of War. It's a cover shooter that doesn't have exciting enemies or cool environments. The RPG aspect of it is either completely dull (mass effect 1) or non-existent (mass effect 2)

    It seems that this also applies to Dragon Age, the react to heavily to criticisms. Dragon Age 1 doesn't really have any flair or interest behind it's world, story, or gameplay. So for Dragon Age 2 they just make it a complex action slasher game.

    It's important for me that I mention that I was once enamored with both Mass Effect and Dragon Age and thought they would be good. Even upon playing each of them I thought they were, but in time I realized that there is something fundamentally wrong with these two franchises and frankly what they bring as video games.

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