Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim To Use Steamworks

By Karl D - Wed Aug 17, 10:08 am

Straight from the dragon’s mouth! Bethesda have just announced that the upcoming RPG mammoth Skyrim will feature Steamworks in its game.

Announced via Twitter (like everything these days), the game looks set to support achievements, stat tracking, community support and a cloud based saving system.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear it.


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    Trying to play skyrim now, but STEAM server is down so can’t play. Bethesda made a mistake using Steam. This is the last time I but a $60.00 game that forces me to use a server like STEAM with auto advertisements.

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    Well… a game that forces me have Steam running in the background is a no-buy! Bye bye Bethesda!

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    I don't really give a damn.
    I'll just buy the Collectors Edition and put the CD key in Steam.
    Just to have it in my Game-List.
    Will be playing it Retail ofcourse.
    Steam-Versions of Elder Scrolls only gave me save-game issues and mod incompatiblity issues. So yeah, Retail for me, but still gonna register it!

    (Or I could ofcourse sell it in TF2.. That new economy is insane!)

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    nay, they mean the Steam program

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    I think they mean steamworks like a device you could use in the game and other things… nay?

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    This is why everybody hates it so much:


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