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By Lo-Ping - Tue Apr 26, 11:13 pm


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    hells yeah and hope they get wats comin to them

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    what are u talkin about yeah sony had to pay up to the people who lost money but usin that in this kinda light makes u look like an asshole why do u think sony payin money is a triumph wow thats real bad

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    I have played Playstation since i was nine, I have always respected Sony and the products they make but for the last week i feel angry yes i know hackers are responsible and sure that could be anyone im not sure whether its the people in this Chat log or whether say anonymous is responsible or if its a completely new hacker group, I am also slightly annoyed at my fellow psn users quick to shout at anyone or believe everthing is fact all we are to know is that it was an intrusion by an unknown person. I am annoyed at sony for not giving more information into who is responsible? who has my Personnel information? Can we change our online i.d and keep our download list? questions i hope will not go without being answered. i am glad they are issuing a welcome back process when psn is restored but i will disagree with anyone who says it will make up for it yes maybe it will make up for the time lost which is fair but for the worry some people are going through i don't think so.

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    What's with all the "get a life comments" for the hackers? Or that they were "bored"? Some people play video games for fun… for others, this is what is fun for them. Reading the logs they sure didn't SEEM bored or malicious. Just systematic in their approach of reverse engineering as they played their own game.

    I mean did anyone read the chats about Sony transmitting data in plaintext?? That's not expensive to fix, that just takes a brain.

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    hahah all of you guys are pathetic right now. no reason to get so hostile…. and who ever said something about pc gaming omg… haha wow lol come on hacked like what every othe effin day. Everything gets hacked but the hackers went a lil to extreme with their proving a point theory and honestly… there should be consiquences… so everyone needs to shut the f up

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    Wow, this seems pretty legit. Thanks for posting. I haven't been on PSN since all this started, and noticed they were offline a week ago. After I tried to log in today….I knew something was up. After sifting through articles I came across this….seriously I think my high school had better server security. And I graduated in 2004…

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    I think it´s good that they have high lighted the security issue and that Sony is sniffing connected hardware/firmware in secret.

    Ive contacted my bank and they are sending me a new card. 😉

    Good work! You make may day shine 🙂

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    Dude, it's all about power. I don't know a thing about hacking, but I know this, bringing down an entire system has to bring some gratifying feeling along with the effort. Companies sue hackers because they want to exercise their power and send a message. I have a ps3 and I use the PSN as much as anyone and I still have a small appreciation for what what these hackers were capable of doing. But as much as SONY has to has to answer for this, I don't think there's any question that these people deserve jail time. Exploiting PSN's defenses isn't a good reason to hack into PSN's defenses, at least it won't be good enough in court.

    I'm a writer, I know it has little in common with hacking (debatable) but there are times when I zone out and stop caring about shit. What's to say that a hacker doesn't get into a zone where all consideration for FUCKING MANKIND goes out of the fucking window, and they decide to do something like this? What seems to be missing from these guys, in this particular moment at least, is a conscious. If you're gonna be good at something like hacking, you need something to humble you, like video games, or a girlfriend, or athletic abilities, something that can be at stake so that they think twice or three times about something like this. These people have a serious void in their lives.

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    Kudos to Lo-Ping for this, btw.

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    I've asked everyone I know from day one when I bought the PS3 3 years ago…. wtf is this credit card requirement bull?

    As soon as they relieved that requirement, I raced to my PS3 to remove any info I had.
    If something is free, there should be no reason I have to give you access to my money for it.

    I've been paranoid about Sony since then, buying only PSN cards, and chat with people over the mic.

    Everything else is dangerous ground. Some of yous need to open your eyes to the real world.
    Think about personal shit being on your phone yet?

    It's not paranoia, it's awareness. The technological grapevine is massive. Give out your cell # to a website, and they CAN charge you for a service you had no idea existed….and AT&T will comply with it and put it on your bill with no questions asked.

    My credit card only sees the ATM, pay in cash and there won't be a paper trail.

    I'm glad these hackers have done what they did. It's screwed me out of my Socom addiction, but the PSN will be better because of it, that's if Sony doesn't collapse after all of this.

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    I hate to admit it but Sony had it coming, You dont see Apple or Microsoft suing people left and right for a reason. You just dont fuck with hackers, sure you have to protect your property but when you go out of the way to implement and idea that messing with the PS3 will get you sued and prosecuted, than you have a collective group of hackers that will do what it takes to expose YOUR own little charades.
    Weak security, no encryption of personal user info, negligence of customers personal info. Sony was aware of all this and never did anything, its like they didnt care about users personal info, us the very same customers that keeps them in biz.
    Than you got the harsh fact that Sony has been spying on us from day one, watching every move we do, and reading out messages, WTF? just because its a free service does not give them the right to spy on us.
    Another thing that really irks me is that Sony changes their terms and conditions at their own will, and no one can do anything about it, they get you to love their brand only to then control your every move with the console. If you complain over the phone with some rep, all you get is a basic "take it or leave it"

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      "You don't see Apple or Microsoft suing people left and right for a reason."

      Apple is suing people like crazy they just started a lawsuit against Samsung for copying their interface design. Needless to say Samsung responded by countersueing for apple violating quite a few patents Samsung owned. To make things even worse Samsung is a major supplier of parts to Apple.

      Anyway, back on topic. It is purely sonys fault the quality in near all of their products is subpar and haven't bought anything from them in quite a long time.

      To the idiot who compared PSN to Windows and OSX, what were you even thinking? That's comparing apples and oranges.

      By the way before I am accused of being an XBOX fanboy I own neither an xbox or ps3 (nor wii) Also not a big of a fan of windows or OSX. Though gaming would be a bit trickier without windows so dualboot that and arch linux.

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    No, PSN sucks, PS3 Is effing awesome.

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    David, first, thank you for not being a huge tool when responding. I wish all posters could be like you.

    Second, these hackers posted what they found to the internet. Had the gone to Sony, they probably would have had their asses sued off. I mean, Sony doesn't exactly have an amazing track record with hackers, if you recall the recent court cases with GeoHot. And that was just for cracking their modding securities. Imagine their fervor when pursuing people who openly revealed huge weaknesses in their financial security.

    I'm not saying what these people did was right. I'm saying it was fully justified, though. This shit with Sony has gone on long enough, and I think they need to answer to their stockholders about their stingyness when it comes to the customer's security.

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      Snips, you completely ignored the entire point of the GeoHot suit. The fact that Hotz created the jailbreak is not the reason he was sued… it was the fact that he posted the information on the internet so that many other people could use it that got the suit filed against him.

      If a person wants to jailbreak their PS3, more power to them. Keep it offline and JB to your hearts content. But when you post the how-to video on YouTube for millions to see, that crosses a line.

      I don't for a minute believe that, if someone had contacted Sony regarding methods of hacking into the PSN, that they would have been sued. Sony would have gladly kept that information under wraps and taken advantage of the ability to fix it, rather than deal with the type of PR hit they're suffering now.

      These people didn't post this online to anonymously "reveal" to Sony the holes. They did it so other people could recreate the same process they discovered. More power to the intellectuals who truly do these types of things for the personal learning experience, with no intent to damage… but posting it online allows the anarchistic element of society to take it and abuse it. And there's a whole lot wrong with that end of it.

      And honestly, I don't get the "money-grubbing" stance by you or anyone else. The PS3 is a powerful machine, which is why government entities are using it for it's processing power… that isn't free. However, the PSN is totally free. And the suit against GeoHot was dropped without monetary payment. How, exactly, is this company "money-grubbing"?

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      these guys are idiots, to do this to so many people is a joke. all people want to do is play and have fun. if your not some scum bucket who cares if the goverment checks crap, just use the darn machine for what it was made for! PLAYING GAMES. not hacking into companys data base. people make me sick.

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      That Guy, when you cut back on security features, it's not because you don't know how to do it. That excuse becomes illegitimate the instant you bring network engineers and technicians into the mix.

      The only other reason, then, is to save money. Encryption takes time and resources, and while on the individual level the cost of that is negligible, on a wide-scale network like PSN, that's expensive. By cutting back on their customer's security, they saved time and money on their end, a liberty that they should not be able to take.

      And somehow I doubt that Sony would take this quietly. Assuming the hackers made no threats, Sony would probably just rework the current system with a different encryption, because implementing a completely new security layer over an implemented network that large is extremely tedious and extremely costly.

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      i agree with you and david completely if sony didnt have such a bad security system behind its servers then it wouldnt of got hacked in the first place and the fact that they withheld some infomation from it users was bull

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    the hackers arent the ones to blame. sony is. if they wouldnt use shitty security, this never would have happened.

    -proud owner of a modded ps3-

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    im only 14 its the holiday i broke ma leg 2 weeks ago and all ive got is psn immmmmm boreddddddddddd

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    I agree with the other guys who are making sense here. The hackers are not there to steal your personal information. They're there to ruin a terribly designed network that puts millions of people at risk for account loss and even identity theft.

    Even worse, Sony KNEW about this information, and said nothing. That in itself is negligence on a massive scale, and those bastards didn't do a single thing about it.

    In regards to the schmucks who started bashing the hackers, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

    1. 0

      Very easy to say for someone whose information isn't at risk. SONY definitely has a lot of explaining to do, and they owe a lot to us psn users. This is unacceptable.

      But to sit there and defend these guys is beyond me. If you know that SONY defenses were bullshit and you wanted to do something about it, then do your best to maybe get in contact with them find a way to make it stronger. Not sit their and laugh at them and plot. I don't know who these fuckers are, and I don't want them having a conversation with my info on their fucking desktops.

      It's like defending bank robbers because the bank's defenses weren't as strong as they should have been. They tool action that put people at risk, that's the point.

    2. 0

      David. If you want to compare these hackers to bank robbers, you would first need bank robbers who didn't steal any money, but just cracked the vault to test its security. If they went to sony with their concerns, sony would have most likely disregarded them in favor of saving the money and resources it would cost to upgrade security. Sony isn't dumb, they just like their money and figured low security was their best bet for max profit.

    3. 0

      Having read the conversation, it doesn't seem that their intentions were malicious. If I was in their position, and given the litigious nature of Sony, I probably would've discarded the idea to just "ask them nicely and hope that they won't sue my ass off"

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    PC Master Race.

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    Sony: next time don't hire the lowest bidder to maintain your network security. You get what you pay for… obviously Sony wasn't paying enough for their infrastructure.

    Here's a life lesson:

    maximum profit = maximum risk

    Count on it.

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    "Just shows how pathetic these hackers really are to go after the playstation network and sony itself."

    "These guys need to be taken out and shot at dawn!"

    Shows how ignorant you two really are. Seriously, did you even read the logs? It was thought that the info Sony gathered was protected properly. But Sony assumed that one layer of protection (SSL) was enough, when seriously, two layers of protection should be integrated to ensure MITM is further mitigated.

    All of this information was gathered through the PS3 itself and LEGITIMATE reverse engineering.

    As far as hacks go, the PS3 maintains synergistic security through controlled hardware and software which is locked-down in nature, while the two general purpose OSes mentioned in your example are not.

    Comparing Windows (OS) to PSN (Networked Set of OSes/Apps) is comparing apples and oranges. Try comparing Microsoft Update and PSN….

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    These guys need to be taken out and shot at dawn!

    And as for u snips – u SHOULD own sony products, they are great! Everyone gets hacked – I assume u wrote yr silly ass comment on a PC? Windows gets hacked EVERY DAY 100x worse than psn u retard! And if u were on a Mac, that shit gets hacked as well stupid git!

    Americans are such retards

    1. 0

      Oh, sorry, I didn't realize this was a site dedicated to whiny Sony fanboys. I'll take my non-homicidal views of those who try to break down a company that has dedicated itself to making overpriced bullshit that is less secure than a hooker on a bad weekend after a notably bad coke binge elsewhere.

      And you assume I'm an American?
      And a retard?
      I'm confused, because as of yet, I'm the only commenter who hasn't suggested murder. That usually defines someone as the most sane of a group.

      Get @ me bro

    2. 0

      And what are you? The local British village idiot? Go watch your royal wedding, pesant.

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    Bored teenagers? Angst? Sounds like someone's butthurt that Sony created a unsecure network that you've been submitting private and vital information to.

    Reading this has confirmed to me how terrible Sony's business practices are. Thank God I don't own any of their products.

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    Interesting that Sony is so lackluster with basic security protocols it's sad, seriously Sony? Outdated versions of vulnerable servers. It's also ironic that no one would of tried hacking the system fully if they hadn't of removed otherOS.

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    Just shows how pathetic these hackers really are to go after the playstation network and sony itself. These hackers need to be prosecuted and arrested for breaking several laws. Something needs to be done to protect the millions of people who use the playstation network and online services. I don't blame anonymous for this, i think it's more teenagers getting a kick out of stealing consumers credit/debit card and bank information.

    1. 0

      I am not a hacker but i see the opposite that, Sony evidently made very little effort to protect the system this was always going to happen.

      I applaud the hackers for showing how lazy sony were and how uncaring they were of people's personal information.

      Also i never put my credit card details into PSN knowing that it was a free service and sony were never going to dip into their own pockets to pay for system security, Xbox on the other hand have available revenue for continued system security.

    2. 0

      HA, I have had my card info stolen off of XBL on more than one occasion. Dont give me this crap that because you pay for it therefor its better. LOL! Microsoft just realizes that people like you are so stupid as to pay for online play. BTW i am a PC gamer, and i realize that paying $50 a year is 100% useless!!

    3. 0

      Little teenagers? You must be joking. These hackers are profesionals. They're good at what they do, and belive me, hacking the WHOLE of psn takes way more skill then anything you do.

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