Wii Sells 35 Million, Records Shattered

By Barry B. - Sat Mar 12, 7:14 pm

According to Nintendo PR the Nintendo Wii, which was originally thought to have a very silly name, has just passed the 35 million sales mark in the United Sates. More than 454,000 Wii consoles sold in February 2011 ALONE putting them way over the 35 million units sold mark – faster than any other console in the history of the United Sates.

But Wii units weren’t the only thing topping sales charts – Just Dance 2 was the number 1 best-selling game of the month with 554,000 units sold, but new Nintendo games hit milestones as well

– Donkey Kong Country Returns, Released Nov 2010, 2 million
total sold
– New Super Mario Bros Wii, Nov 2009, 8 million total sold
– Pokemon SoulSilver, March 2010, 2 million total sold
– and New Super Mario Bros for the DS, launched in May 2006, use passed 9 million in units sold.

Nintendo has certainly found their niche to sell to – and even they don’t have the latest and greatest bullet-hose game, they still manage to do okay for themselves.

Congratulations Nintendo, this one’s for you.

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