Like Minecraft? Like Playstation Move? What if they were combined?!

By Karl D - Fri Mar 11, 3:55 pm

Minecraft MoveSeriously, ever sit there and wonder “Gee golly willickers, I wish I could combine Minecraft’s blocky goodness with the Playstation Move!”? Yeah I didn’t think so either, and I can assure you this isn’t a lame tech demo of a nerd using a hacked PS3 to play Minecraft with the Move. It is much better than that…

That little bit of magic was animated by none other than one of our own contributors, Karl. He animated this for a university class assignment that requested a piece on motion control inside a gaming world.

When asked why he picked Move and Minecraft, Karl said the following:

My decision process was twofold,

A) I like the Playstation Move.

B) Minecraft is easy as $%# to model.

Words of a true creative genius.

All joking aside, it is really cool to see these little animation projects made by students, they usually lean towards being more entertaining than the source subject itself.

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    Now they just need a hack/mod for the Move so we can play Minecraft with it lolz!!!

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