Humpday Megablog: 3/9/2011

By Lo-Ping - Wed Mar 09, 1:14 am

Hi-diddily-ho fellow Pandarinos! Prescott the official Lo-Ping Panda here to bring you your weekly update in what’s been going down in funkadelic Pandatown!

This week was a great opening week, we covered some really cool stories, met some interesting members of the gaming community, and even invited an internet star into our humble writer’s convent. PsyGuy, star of… screen and screen, is now a contributor for Lo-Ping and is even gracious enough to draw up a new and much-improved and badass version of our beloved Prescott

I’ll be ready to kick ass and chew bamboo!

Anyway welcome to the new contributors, let’s see what Lo-Ping was up to this week.






Whew, busy week, but we aim to make the next one even better!

Stay Fluffy people.

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