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By Jamal I. - Sat Dec 31, 10:29 pm


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    I was talking to a friend about this and come to find out his brother was permanently banned for having bought 2 items off the auction house he couldn’t use yet, they were 2 levels higher than he was. No warning just banned.

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    Its not fake, what it is is a horrible spell check. Permanent mispelled will be caught by spellcheck and autocorrected to Permeate. Since it’s a standardized form it can happen to hundreds of people before it is caught. Thats what happens with any mass mailer.

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    i was gonna get this but since i cannot use the games economy to my benefit I will have to play something else where I can use the in game economy.

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    it’s been pointed out that most of the e-mails bioware has sent out have tons of spelling errors and typos in them. check the main forums.

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    A permeate ban is a sweeping ban of all things related to the account.

    Basically they ban you from everything.

    Google words you don’t know people. Jeez

    1. +1

      Permeate might be a word but the usage is not correct.

      Sincerely, a career editor.

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    very very very fake

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    Biodrones ITT

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    “It’s got a spelling error that proves it’s fake”


    It’s what’s called a form letter.
    The first paragraph has the fancy trademarks, and the last paragraph has links to the TOS etc. They’re standardised so the GM doesn’t have to waste time writing that crap out.

    All the GM fills in is the middle paragraph (which is why there are typos and bad grammar in only that paragraph) with information relevant to the ban and adds character names to the first paragraph.

  9. -2

    The third paragraph is the most fake, none of it is well written, it’s trying to look like a standard email but i’m afraid it fails.

  10. +1

    The middle part is obviously written by the person sending the email, the first and third paragraphs are standard for emails, hence they contain no spelling errors.
    This is standard, the part that was hand written contains minor errors not worth fretting about. This does not mean the email is fake, it simply means someone in customer service did not proof read his text well enough, which outside of apparently getting some planet name wrong is fairly well written.

    The warning certainly looks dubious though. I doubt anyone would write all that text for a single ban, and it’s too error ridden to be copypasta.

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    lol fake, supposed email contains blatent spelling errors and the supposed warning message… “permanate ban” lol fail troll

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    The e-mail at least is fake. Ilum is mispelled repeatedly.

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