A Child's View on Technology

By Lo-Ping - Tue Apr 05, 12:39 pm

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we come to forget the simple things in life.  The smell of a rose.  The sound of birds.  And the fact that children have easy access to the internet onto which they can share their collected “wealth” of information they come across.

Case in point, this forum.  It’s the Technology section of the KidzWorld forum.  In it, you’ll find such gems as this post:

“YES im a gamer true and true, lol my friends are always saying “you seem like such a cool rocker untill you start playing games then your become a complete nerd lol” its true i do lol, i dont have a fav game i like too many but 1 of my favs is Call Of Duty Black Opps.”

Heartfelt?  Maybe.  Honest?  Possibly.  Absolutely hilarious?  Constantly.  Take a minute or ten to browse it yourself and find out what tweens think about the inevitable release of the iPhone 5G, and revel in shared Cell Phone “Humer”.  Enjoy.

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    I saw a post on Twitter from someone this morning: "Overheard a group of 1st Graders debating whether Skype or Facebook was better to "Reconnect with Old Friends." #theirEXACTwords"

    Kids these days!

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