Config Data for MK9 for PS3

By Lo-Ping - Tue Apr 19, 7:48 pm

So one of the denizens of the internet has cracked the config file for Mortal Kombat 9 and shared his finds with the world.  Among the gems?  On-disc DLC for Kratos, Quan Chi, and many many alternate costumes, as well as a word filter for certain verbal flourishes other may deem offensive.

Oh…and a Kinect-support string as well for some reason.

Hit the jump for the delicious NSFW coded goodness.



Click HERE for the entire Censored Words listing


2../MK9Game/BuildCachePS3/Config/PS3-MK9Editor.ini  CÑ[CodeFrame]


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    Nice post, thank you for this

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    Kinda surprised that "vertical bacon sandwich" isn't on there.

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    The World of Warcraft forums are the perfect example of that. Even Klondike Bar gets censored, or assassination.

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    umm anybody mind telling me what the thing with the words is about is it where you can't put them as your name or something?

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    LOL madonna ??? wtf?

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    Asshat makes the cut! YEAH!

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    I think this is pretty ridiculous. I mean, we are paying attention to the bad words that aren't going to be there. How dumb is it that there is DLC on the disk! This is why I don't like paying for DLC because it usually is products that you already own. It is like you buying a car and can't use your wind shield wipers until it rains, but you have to put a quarter in it every time. DUMB!!

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      Kratos DLC is likely to be both Kratos and his alternate costume, neither of which is paid for. Quan-chi and Cyber Sub-Zero would be the same. Neither are paid for. The other character DLC is obviously the original MK costumes that came from buying the game at a specific retailer…

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    Okay, some of these censored words are silly. "Ecstasy?" So, the drug has now invalidated a perfectly acceptable and common term? "Big Baller?" Isn't that a compliment? "Kill?" I can't say "kill" in Mortal Kombat? Good way to brush up on your blue vocab though.

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    I didn't get to finish, my name is in the list!

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