FortressCraft is available now!

By Lo-Ping - Fri Apr 08, 1:00 am

The little “Minecraft Clone that could” is now available for download!

Chapter one of this much-anticipated game sports expansive building options, online lobbies to play with friends, and power-up relic-type thingies.

Developer DjArcas has been hard at work finishing the first version of what he likes to call his “UnfinishedWare” title, struggling to get this first chapter released in a finished state while the internet at large took one look at a out-of-context Kotaku article and deemed Arcas to be the anti-christ who has stolen Minecraft and put a new skin on it.

Ok maybe nobody went as far as to actually call him theĀ Anti-Christ but the hater-to-fan ratio has been quite high until recent days when more and more testers got their hands on the game and proclaimed “It’s actually quite different”. Which is to be expected of any new block-based building game in this post-Minecraft day and age, this reporter has even seen someone accuse Infiniminer of being a MC clone!

When speaking with him earlier, Arcas made a point to stress that work on version 1.1 has already begun, let no man accuse him of resting on his laurels while his new game hits the market.

FortressCraft is available for download on the Xbox Live Indie games channel for 240 Microsoft points, I dunno about you but I’m on my way to pick it up now. (That is, if Microsoft hasn’t encountered any problems putting it up!)

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