My Little Pony Fighting Game? My Little Pony Fighting Game…

By Lo-Ping - Mon Jun 20, 2:23 pm

Love it or hate it, you have to admit: The My Little Pony craze has spread like wildfire. Whether or not the craze is irony-driven or entirely legitimate is up for debate. Regardless, this rabid “fandom” seems to have spawned a cross-cultural hellspawn: a Friendship is Magic fan-made fighting game.

Hold on to your hooves…

The game mechanics themselves seem solid when viewing the bouncing and launching.  Combo-heavy characters seem to be a trend for this game.  I’m legitimately curious about balancing.  And, most importantly, will this game be ready for EVO 2012?

For more information on the game’s development, check here.

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    There is no God…

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      Yes there is, and her name is Lauren Faust.

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