Alarmists Petition to Ban Sales of Duke Nukem Forever from Wal-Mart

By Lo-Ping - Wed Mar 30, 3:20 pm

DNFIn the wonderful magical world of Duke Nukem Forever’s controversy,  yet another wonderful example of half-cocked knee-jerk responses has revealed itself.  A petition to BAN THE SALE OF THE GAME from Wal-Mart is being circulated online.  At the time of the publishing, the online petition has 3,068 signatures and climbing.

The petition, which can be seen here, states that “Duke Nukem Forever makes a game out of physical and sexual violence against women.” Granted, online petitions have about as much success as a hipster scoring at a Beatles concert.  But nonetheless, this is a disturbing testament of a continuing trend of overreaction and lack of understanding with the general public about gaming culture in general.  I mean sure, you slap a chick around when she gets out of line.  But really, in the grand scheme of things, is this the worst thing that could present itself in the media, let alone in a videogame?   What’s your opinion on this?


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    there are more important things to be petition about then this, and this is from a womans perspective.

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    Here's the counter petition

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    LOL, just another sleezy, backhanded, and deceptive way of promotion for this game, ITS THAT SIMPLE, lol…..wake up people, and smell the ashes, cause you aint in kansas no more. To those who have an ear to ear, listen.

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    Seeing as Wal-Mart refused to carry George Carlin's book "When will Jesus bring the Pork Chops" because he altered The Last Supper to take Christ out and put himself in Peter's seat…

    I expect them to actually care about this petition.

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    The slapping thing is actually a spanking. The original tweet or whatever it was, was an unclear choice of words.

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