Ubisoft goes to war with French Bank. Hilarity ensues…

By Karl D - Thu Aug 04, 4:26 pm

Picture the scene; you’re bored at the office of one of the biggest videogame publishers in the world. You need a little entertainment to relieve the stress, you have a packet of multicolored  post-it notes and some large windows. What do you do? Go nuts!

Well this was all fun and games at the time until shortly after, when looking at the building across the street which happened to be a bank, the Ubisoft employee had found a nemesis and the great battle of the post-it notes began. Enjoy!





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    dont hate on ubi' they made assasins creed

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      Yes…and it sucked.

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    @ Anon

    Go back to circle jerking with your Xbros, you douchebag.

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    Is this why your face sucks ass of late?

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      Sic burn!

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    Is this why all of Ubisofts games have sucked as of late?

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