Super Smash Bros. Clash Announced (April Fools!)

By Barry B. - Fri Apr 01, 4:05 am

First there was regular Smash Bros, then there was Melee, next was Brawl – and now – Clash! Yes, Nintendo has officially announced the rumored Super Smash Bros. game for the 3DS, produced by none other than our friends at Hal Laboratories.

“We are very excited to be working on our first Smash Bros. title on a portable system. This gives us the unique opportunity to push our boundaries and try to incorporate old favorites as well as highly anticipated new features.”

“One thing I’ve very proud to say is we’ve taken a cup to ear and listened very closely to the fans and we’ve taken new innovations to really please the fans.”

“We must of gotten so many requests for Raichu (laughs) that we added a lot more alternate costumes as the 4 new additions for Mario’s costume exemplifies. With all these new costume options this really gave us some room for creativity.”

“During Brawl we had a page that updated often – and sometimes our updates were met with a lot of distain. That’s why we’re showing this now – to make the release even more exciting and sought after vs. just teasing the audience. I’m very happy to announce several new pokémon and assist trophies.”

“…also for characters there might be a few characters you recognize.”

“…as well as some new faces.”

“We’re pushing to release this holiday season. We’ll be updating the dojo soon – stay tuned!”

For those interested in learning more Click Here!


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    April Fools?

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    Fail. 😐

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    How about you add theactual people who created this BRAWL textures?! -__-"

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