Sony Smash Bros: Kerfuffle

By Lo-Ping - Mon Nov 28, 9:00 am

It is real, and it is coming according to some sources (some of which were sadly taken off of twitter…oopsie)

Everything below is a mix of rumours/facts gathered using the devs twitter (now shut down because of the leaks) and the industrious sleuthing of the denizens of NeoGaf, who are also responsible for the gorgeous header image up top:

  • Michael’ Advert was created to foreshadow this game
  • Arcade-stick compatible
  • Due end of 2012
  • Images of it in development leaked earlier this week
  • Codenamed “Title Fight”
  • Been in development since E3 2010, estimated to come out end of 2012
  • Keen to give it “as long as it takes” to perfect it

3rd Party (12 Characters)

  • Chell (Confirmed)
  • John Marston (Based on a dev image saying “Marston. J” in characters)
  • James Bond (Confirmed)
  • Isaac Clarke
  • Captain Price
  • The Prince (Katamari)
  • Altair
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Rayman
  • Lightning
  • Old Snake
  • Agent 47 (NO info suggesting this yet)

1st Party (26 Characters including double teams)

  • Clank + Daxter Team
  • Parappa + Lammy Team
  • Bentley + George Team (Sly Cooper) (Unknown if true)
  • Spike + Ape Team (NO info suggesting this yet)
  • Rico (Killzone) (Confirmed)
  • Radec (Killzone) (Confirmed)
  • Nathan Drake (Confirmed)
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque
  • Toro (Japanese Sony Mascot)
  • Chimera Grunt
  • Cole Mcgrath (Confirmed)
  • Noby Noby Boy
  • Sackboy (Confirmed)
  • Ratchet
  • Jak
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Kratos
  • Buzz
  • Unnamed Starhawk Character (Confirmed)
  • Gabe Logan
  • Fat Princess (Confirmed)
  • Modnation Racer Mod

Cameo appearances / attacks from:

  • Wipeout Ships
  • Warhawk planes
  • SOCOM attack squad
  • Zombies from Medieval including Zarrok
  • Quark and Nefarious bursting in
  • Metal Gear Rex
  • Timesplitters Characters
  • Sully and Elena cameo
  • Level in creation from LBP
  • Buzz questions popping up
  • Atlas and P-body + GlaDOS cropping up on portal level
  • SOTC/Ico/The Guardian remix Stage

That’s all fine and dandy but will it have Kevin Butler? I don’t care if he is the announcer; I want this man in the game.  Or, how about Kazuo Hirai as a final boss with specials moves like RIDGE RACER and the 599 US Dollars finisher?

Personally, I’d adore having Jimmy Hopkins as a playable character.  Picture this:  Jimmy Hopkins fighting off foes left and right in the Bullworth Academy gym in flames…with this playing in the background.


Be still, my quivering wallet…

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    Thanks for making up bullshit.

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