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Sony Smash Bros: Kerfuffle


It is real, and it is coming according to [2] some sources [3] (some of which were sadly taken off of twitter…oopsie)

Everything below is a mix of rumours/facts gathered using the devs twitter (now shut down because of the leaks) and the industrious sleuthing of the denizens of NeoGaf, [4] who are also responsible for the gorgeous header image up top:

3rd Party (12 Characters)

1st Party (26 Characters including double teams)

[9]Cameo appearances / attacks from:

That’s all fine and dandy but will it have Kevin Butler? I don’t care if he is the announcer; I want this man in the game.  Or, how about Kazuo Hirai as a final boss with specials moves like RIDGE RACER and the 599 US Dollars finisher?

Personally, I’d adore having Jimmy Hopkins [10] as a playable character.  Picture this:  Jimmy Hopkins fighting off foes left and right in the Bullworth Academy gym in flames…with this playing in the background. [11]


Be still, my quivering wallet…