Borderlands 2: Meet the Gunzerker

By Karl D - Wed Aug 17, 11:00 am

Gearbox Software has released fresh new details on the unnamed character from the Borderlands 2 teaser.

The newest class is the Gunzerker by the name of Salvadore, a tough brute reminiscent of Brick the Beserker from the original game. Whereas Brick liked to go into a melee frenzy for his special attack, Salvador likes to go in the opposite direction, going with a dual wielding offensive for a limited time. He can dual wield any of the games thousands of weapons, meaning he can simultaneously fire two rocket launchers or shoot from a pistol and assault rifle at the same time.

Here are a few of the abilities to unlock on the skill tree:

Divergent Likeness – If you’re dual wielding weapons of the same type, your attack power goes up. If you dual wielding different types of weapons, your accuracy goes up.

Down, Not Out – When Salvador is downed, he has the ability to dual wield until he either dies or is revived by a team member.

Overheat – No matter which gun you’re using, the rate of fire will continue to increase as long as you hold the trigger

We like what we see so far, check back with us as we find out more about the new classes to be revealed.

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