Resident Evil Goes Viral

By Karl D - Thu Sep 08, 7:47 pm

After the supposed leaks of a new Resident Evil game being revealed at Tokyo Game Show next week, many wondered if it was real or not. Have we just received our newest tease for the franchise?

Well we’ve just learned that Capcom have launched a viral website focused around the fictional biochemist corporation Umbrella which you can see here, the website seems normal at first but after some scooping around you uncover that the website has been taken over by a mysterious figure. It’s up to you to reveal the clues.

Is this viral stunt for a new Resident Evil title or is it to promote the new Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City title? We’re hoping for the former ourselves.

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    Dude, this site has been active for a few weeks now, and reported in much further detail.

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