Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition to come to PC in August

By Lo-Ping - Sat Apr 07, 4:47 am

Since the beginning of the year, PC gamers have rumbled for a chance to get repeatedly brutally murdered at the hands of Dark Souls.  This rumbling eventually became more organized in the form of an actual petition where over ninety thousand gamers pleaded their case to have the opportunity to constantly lose at a game.  The devs seemed to take note.  On the Namco-Bandai forums, social reps for the boards relayed the players wishes to higher-ups.  In turn, players were simply told, “They’re listening”.

Then came The Wall.  Speculation had reached a fevered pitch while, as time passed, pieces of the wall began crumbling down.  Rumors flew about like so many controllers from the hands of frustrated players, but it all came down to one simple  question: “What’s behind the wall?”  Well now we have it.


Could work...

Could work...


According to this thread on NeoGAF, the German gaming magazine PC Action had a preview in which it revealed that Dark Souls has been confirmed for PC.  Features are 1:1 for the most part in comparison to their console brethren, with no new contend aside from the introduction of new (mini?)bosses.

Reported to be released in August, PC gamers will finally get the chance to develop a case of chronic hypertension like the rest of us.  Welcome to the covenant, brothers.  Bonfire’s to your left, and please remember to praise the sun at all times.

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    And those same people who petitioned for it to come to the PC will now pirate it.

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      You know the PC piracy thing is way over hyped right? I dont personally 1 person who pirates games and there all PC gamers (myself included). I know  that i will be buying it and im sure that most people who signed the petition will.

    2. +2

      It actually is pretty bad.  Piracy rates for PC games can sometimes double up on total sales.  I think STEAM figured out how to battle it appropriately thought.  Offer a quick and easy solution akin to torrenting, and a lot of people that could afford to buy games but hated waiting have now started downloading games off STEAM.  all else will probably forever be pirates, either because their poor, cheap, or just jerkoffs. 

      I hope they offer it through STEAM!  I shall preorder!

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      The only reason people think its over hyped is because so many people have a PC, but what you dont understand is just because 300 million people may have a PC doesnt mean all of then will buy DS, so is a million ppl pirate it that is a lot of fuckin ppl, seeing that most PC games(even with steam selling the games dirt cheap) dont move a lot of copies. You would think that With so many ppl having a PC games would sell 5 million easy but that is not the case at all out of all the PC’s in circulation compared to consoles its a shame to see that console versions outsell any PC game with half the user base.

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